On Corporate Social Responsibility

Gold Blend woman  your coffee is nearly as sublime as you, but your company's ethics are completely out the window:  http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/africa/2593697.stm

When I look into this more, I find out what your company is doing with baby milk in Africa.  There's certainly something dark out there, and it is'nt the bloody natives!

Even John Humphries lost his rag with your Swiss Gnome on Radio 4 Today the other morning, and  it does take a lot to get him wound up.  Thank God for you lot that Brian Readhead is dead!

Global exploitation of the kind currently practiced by your company is exactly the sort of behaviour that drives people in the region into the hands of Al Qa'ida.

You sit back on top of your baby milk mountain and expect the likes of us to go in and clean up the shit afterwards.

There's not many Sonics but we have just stopped buying yr coffee, cereals and Mrs Sonic won't be getting any chocs from you either.

I should add you to the "Who should we declare war with" poll, your operation stinks.  I wont be dipping any of these in your coffee any more:

(C) Eagle 2002.

Rant off.  does anyone else have a view??
This is the same nation, that of course refused to pay descendants of Holocaust victims the money their parents and close relations banked.

The Missus has also put Nestle on her embargo list, citing among other reasons "Because their chocolate is pantz, and Cadburys is the Mutts"

Cadburys, go and invest the equivalent in Ethiopia  ;D
As one married to a midwife I often have the pleasure to listen to a rant about Baby Milk companies and the Third World.  Cow 'n' Gate/Nestle et al, are always trying to get Third World mums to use their products, ignoring "Breast is Best".  These poor mums cannot afford a regular supply of baby milk powder so they dilute the product to make it last longer.  The upshot is that the child is malnourished.

Profits 1 Baby 0
Mrs Shower is a La Leche league chick and is already planning the downfall of Nestle with our friend (herself a radical midwife!) I didn't expect this to crop up on arrse. Talk involving breasts is normally of a recreational/aesthetic nature. Once again I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of Arrse posts. :)

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