On BBC News-Yanks sending possible 45,000 to Afghanistan!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. On BBC news, just announcing 45,000 extra US troops, ironic as we are just standing down 37,000 of ours!

    No link yet, breaking news!
  2. I saw the same item & there was no mention of the troops being sent only that Barack Obama is mulling over a request for up to 40,000+ more troops from General Stanley McChrystal, US commander in Afghanistan.

    BBC Linky Thing
  3. We have 37,000 US troops?

    Do the Yanks know?
  4. It's a lend-lease agreement apparently..
  5. Beginning of the end if true; pour tens of thousands of extra troops into the country, drive the Taliban back across the border into Pakistan. Maintain the "peace" for a few months and then declare "victory". Followed by pulling the troops out as fast as possible while handing the whole pile of sh1t to the Afghans.

    Taliban will re-take the country within a year. Back to square one, except hundreds of men and women will have died for sweet fcuk all.

    Remember: there is no such thing as being TOO cynical.
  6. Bet the Norgie Nobel committee has red faces today, eh?
  7. Cynical?

    Try this:

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  8. The rest of our so called allies in NATO will be breathing a sigh of relief then!........................'45000 no need for us to send anymore'.........................TWWWWWAAAAATTTTS!!! :x
  9. Goodness I'd forgotten about NATO is that still around then, shouldn't we be buying some more Eurofeltchers to fight off the nasty bear
  10. Is it only me, or are others also bewildered as to why the Taliban are so martial and the Afghan Army seems so incompetent?

    Am I missing something?
  11. balanced mainstream media reporting?
  12. Smacks of LBJ
  13. Isn't this good news? These extra troops are badly needed.

    I remember many people on here saying the same things when the Iraq surge was announced by Bush.

    Also, while I know much of the success in Iraq wasn't due to the surge but because many Sunnis switched sides, the surge probably helped to convince many of them to do so. Something similar is possible in Afghanistan.
  14. One side is fighting on their turf and believes in their cause, the other is fighting away from home for a paycheck. Discuss.

    Another interesting anomaly is that the Sovs managed to get approx 300,000 into their regime's forces, we've been there almost as long and got about half that number.

    Oh, and if the "Afghan President" has to be guarded by foreign mercenaries rather than Afghans maybe things aren't quite as rosy as we'd like ?