On a walt hunt

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Rincewind, Feb 24, 2009.

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  1. Got a chap who keeps sticking his nose in our unit on regular occasions and is a proper Johan the story teller.

    Something isnt right and i smell a Walt.

    Claims to be in 13th Air Assault Regt, but i overheard him telling one person he is going for his rubber dagger, another he told he is training for Ceremonial Duties at Buckingham Palace and he also told one of my oppos he is off to HMS Excellent to Teach Army Drill to Matelots...

    Have asked him his regimental number and he claims its 9 digits and starts 3700

    I was in in 1992 and my number starts 2501....

    if anyone can help - PM me for a name :) hopefully we can out an O2 Thief

  2. Walt, but some RLC have done Ceremonial Duties. But the 9 digit number with 37 sort of outs him!!
  3. Need confirmation ideally - someone from 13th Air Assault who would know him...
  4. Is he in this pic?
  5. Or you can just say to him, I think you're full of Sh1te, then get him to produce his MOD 90, if he doesn't tell him you're calling in the RMP or F Off and don't come back. I've just outed a walt, it was great.
  6. That throbber is my Local MP - he is from Chesterfield in Derbyshire and no where near Colchester :wink:
  7. Thought the fcuking fairy went on top of the tree
  8. Sod the walt, the person thingy on the far right is a CYLON infiltrator
    (But nowhere near as good looking as Caprica 6 or Boomer, probably descended from a NAAFI Wagon)

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  9. *Punt*

    (for the day shift :D )
  10. Some of our younger guys joining the navy have JPA numbers and IIRC they start with 3700 or is it 3000?
  11. First of all you have security issues with this bloke, my past experience is if a walt is chucking multiple unit names that they reckon they have served with, then he probably hasn't got any real service.

    Contact the MDP Duty Officer at Wethersfield via 01371 854000

    ModPlod are able to check service numbers + if he isn't Military they would better placed to have words with him.
  12. Thank you - Appreciated
  13. Service numbers start with 3000 across the board now.

    Why on earth would a pongo be teaching drill to a matelot at Whale Island? Not only is Army drill completely different to RN drill, it is also nowhere near as good as RN drill ;)
  14. OK - 3000 to 3700 already?
    Theres 21 years between me and my dad serving, his 1st 4 are 2428 and mine are 2501 a difference of 730,000 solider through the system in 21 years....

    the difference between the new JPA system coming in and his alledged number is 7 million processed people...

    also - agree with the drill - i did both and RN drill is smarter, and i had the privilege to be 2nd officer of the guard for this years Traf Parade in Traf Square :)

    Even if this chap is Real, if he isnt a Walt then he is the biggest bullshitter on the planet.

    The new one he came out with last night is he has to remain within 1 hour of Colchester as he is on standby to move.

    We pointed out he was in the City of London and that it took an hour to get to Big Ben, never mind Colchester, he said he had special dispensation.

  15. Rince,

    The numbers are still at 300....

    I know this because I'm involved with the training of trainees.

    Ask him what colour the drillshed at Whale Island is :D