On a cold winters night in Belfast

Discussion in 'Poetry Corner' started by Porridge_gun, Aug 20, 2009.

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  1. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    I've opened a special thread just for Tropper66.

    In here he can tell us all over and over again how he was aquainted with death, sent love letters from PIRA and single handedly orbitted Jupiter in a Scimitar before inventing the Red Arrows, quavers and cat litter trays.

    That way, with it all in here, the rest of the site won't have to read it on every other thread.

    Tropper, in your own time

    As I walked down the falls
    Fixed in Paddys sites
    He squeezed on the trigger
    and rifle it did bite

    The bullets rattled through me
    I thought this was the end
    In fact it was the begining
    ever since, on permanent send

    Its my mission to tell everyone
    tell them forty times
    I'll bore them with my life story
    then continue it in Rhyme

    There is a little secret
    The rounds were not from Mick
    I'd bored my oppos rigid
    the shots, were from blokes within my brick
  2. I am Honoured
  3. Really? :? My pussy would want a word with him then.

  4. Tropper I've never heard the story care to share it just one more time?
  5. Does the story involve Micks, Paddys and Fennies?
    I know I should not say this, but Cat Litter Trays? 8O
  6. PMSL. :p

    I'm having a sympathy clap ... :D
  7. Love it - that really is quite touching...............................
  8. I'm glad that it's not only me
    That's had it up to here.
    He's irritated the MOD as well.
    That is patently clear.

    This user "T0sser66"
    Can't leave them keys alone.
    He has to comment on everything
    Like a terrier with a bone.

    I did once 'ave a go at him *
    For his intolerance and such.
    I thought he had improved a bit,
    But I ain't been on here much.

    * ttp://www.arrse.co.uk/Forums/viewtopic/p=2628599/.html#2628599

  9. RIP Tropper.
  10. RIP
    The star that burns twice as bright only lasts half as long etc etc
  11. Not unless you use it to ignite your own farts.
  12. You got shot Tropper, by heck i never knew that.
  13. He really should have mention something like that, as an aside the wife claims Micheal Jackson is dead and died weeks ago. But I thinks shes taking the Mick as I'm sure something like that would have been in the Papers.
  14. I only got a fat bird but at least she was from the old firm and bought the kebabs. Mind you, the sound was outrageous; I could have sworn I was doing ian Paisley up the wrong 'un.

    Wharrr dooo yoooo thiiiink yooooos trying to staaaaack yoooor cooorrrrck yoooo faaakin puuuurvit?
  15. His nickname in his unit was "pipe range"

    It wasn't paddy that slotted him though, it was a disgruntled member of his brick, who having been "top trumped" in every story he'd told since arriving in the province plotted his revenge on our hero. His only fear was that by shooting him he might bang on about it for the next four deca.....oh hold on.

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