OMLT in herrick

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Bradshaw, Jul 26, 2008.

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  1. Hello all.
    Just a simple request for advice, deployed on herrick before and am deploying again, except this time my battalian is deploying as OMLT (Working with and training with the ANA - afghan national army) Had a bit of experience working with them last time, and needless to say the thaught of working with the crackheads for a full tour makes me want to drop a dog egg. They were always stoned, always ******* things off, and were as likely to slot us as the enemy.
    Has anybody here worked as OMLT before? Are my fears justified? Is it going to be as bad as i suspect? Any advice on working with them?

    Any replies be much obliged
    Many thanks

    - Edited for possible opsec breach, thanks for the heads up.
  2. hiya mate, I havent done it myself but, i know a few lads who have worked OMLT. One benefit was when the ANA decide its too hot to go out patrolling there is nothing you can off....good times.

    The lads said that one good thing is that because your working with the same ANA lads day in day out, you do get to know them and you can see them improving due to what you have taught them!

    still crackhead slackers though!

    OPSEC: please to not read the above post if you feel this may breach OPSEC thankyou
  3. I was with the Infantry Kandak, OMLT on Herrick 4. I wasn't inspired by the scum bags, it is hard to motivate them and they did have a tendancy at leaving the Brit guys in a contact. Things are slightly different now though as you have a designated OMLT Battalion as opposed to are miss-mash, I was in charge of 24 ANA in Sangin in 2006 with A Coy, 3 Para (no other brits bar the Para company) I was soley responsable for all the ANA and if you read 3 PARA you will see we had our problems including the ANA Comd being RIP'ed for bumming kids he was taking off the street. One of our other blokes were threatened by the ANA, they were going to shoot him, the same individual was left on his own in a fire fight as they fled (in the wrong direction) luckly he was picked up by the Royal Irish patrol. PM for more info if you wish
  4. We had a simlilar situation where we had a face off with the ANA because we took a shaded sleeping space they said they had claimed in a PB in the middle of nowhere, scary stuff, got ended due to one of the ANA lads cocking his weapon, cue my platoon taking a knee with rifles in shoulders and abig fat ANA commander kicking the shoite out of said lad.
  5. We had them shooting each other on our tour, at the time alot would do anything to get out of going outside the wire (even before then, we had to go to Kabul at the end of every intake to stop them going AWOL, we put them straight onto a blaked out windowed herc...welcome to Helmand)
    They tried to fire the RPG from inside the Plt house in Sangin in front of the OC, they don't do things like CHECK BACK BLAST etc.
    There are some good soldier's, these tend to be the Hazara's (seen as the Pikies/slaves of Afghanistan) I would often pick them to go on patrol, but come up with your own Actions on: i.e. if you are the only brit OMLT on a joint patrol, pair's with their section commander in the shite (where possible, don't be left alone with them in the shite).
  6. Roger, thanks mate.
    Any ideas on stopping the hash smoking? It was a pain in the bloody arse, night or day, on stag, in a contact, they were constantly smoking the stuff, i only spent a week with them and we had to do joint stags, one of us one of them, and they just get thier heads down, get stoned, face the wrong bloody way. I had one who was facinated by my night vision kit, fair enough i let him have a butchers, but he then proceeded to try and swap me them for a british issue mess tin he had stolen off one of our lads.
    Thier bloody useless, and it truly scares me to think of working with them.

    By the by, am bieng sent on a 10 week language course (pashtu) in warminster, anybody able to give me a heads up on the course? Any good?
  7. I had the same drama's, what I did was put all the 'smokers' in one room and let them smoke the tour away at Sangin. They were a pain in the arrse at night when it came stand-to, they were playing the radio and such like (the A Coy lads wanted to kick their heads in) As soon as you have crossed a poppy field, make them empty their assault vests, it will be full of bulbs to grind down for smoking....finally, good luck, it's different.
  8. People will always have different experiences from their time there - but dont believe everything that you hear. The bottom line is that the ANA are developing daily. The role of the OMLT is probably the most interesting in theatre at the moment.

    By the way, the ANA all speak Dari, the locals speak pashtu - it depends on who you are wanting to communicate with!

    If you want more info PM me.

  9. Yes, there will be text books involved. Most people won't steal theirs though.
  10. Believe it or not, a few of the ANA speak good Russian as we found by one of our Russian speakers!
  11. My Bn was OMLT on Herrick 6 (although i was doing a differant job) and all the people who worked with the ANA had nothing but good things to say about them. Always up for a fight and at times hard to keep them on the lead when you want to withdraw and they want to fight.

    However, just remember to watch out for man-love Thursday
  12. Forgot to mention man-love Thursday...We used to leave them to it and have a Brit training day if you wern't on the ground. Cannot believe they still managed to fit in bum-day on the front line! they had a bum rug at Sangin with flower's sprinkled around it...the Dirty bar-stewards
  13. Having just spent 4 months with the ANA i struggle to recall a single incident of the supposed Thursday antics.

    Not saying it doesn't happen, just that in 4 month there was no reports of it that i remember.

    I thought that they were a pretty good bunch all in all. As i say different experiences for different people.
  14. Bearing in mind, we were the first to do this on Herrick 4, summer 2006, things have changed.
  15. Mate,

    not having a go at you at all. Merely giving Bradders a different view. I had heard a lot of the tales of woe from the guys before us, as well as some seriously scary accounts of what had happened to them - so i don't discount your comments at all.

    Maybe i was just lucky with the kandac i was with.