Omitech smoke meter calibration

Discussion in 'REME' started by vampireuk, May 21, 2010.

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  1. Seeing as those ever so helpful people at Donnington who have lost two of my night sight assessors are now not even answering the phone I figure I may as well try here. :roll:

    Could someone guide me in the right direction for getting an Omitech smoke meter calibrated, I believe the last time it was done involved an 8800 sent off somewhere but I have no idea who to. Again the last time this rose it's head Donnington announced to me they could do this, followed by driving up there and being told, oh wait we cannot.
  2. I seem to remember sending ours to ABRO ( or what ever they are called these days) Stirling. They were calibration central at one stage.
  3. you need to send an 8800 (no need for Div authority) to Workshop tools and services (think thats what they are called) at Abbeywood. Cant remember the blokes name but hes very helpful.
  4. Thanks for the reminder, mines due soon. If you can wait until next week I'll dig out the details and bung them on here. I seem to remember it's has been mentioned already with regards the 8800 but the contractor comes out to you....
  5. After a pm from a member here and a lot of sitting down muttering I managed to locate my old electronic 8800 that I had used last year. I need to stop having these senile moments of mine. :)
  6. Put the need and the way to resolve it in your LADs Engineering Management System, for those that follow you!
  7. You just know the procedure will change 10 minutes after you do that.... :D

    Being vague is never being wrong.
  8. I think it depends where in the world you are based. If you are overseas you fill in the 8800 to demand a new one. Get the new one and return the one due for cal (assuming it's the portable type). If anyone needs the contact details of the equipment manager (not me) pm me and I'll pass his details on.
  9. I can safely say I no longer have to give a toss about that smoker meter as I was posted last minute dot com last week.
  10. Wasn't because you didn't know how to get the smoke meter calibrated was it :D :D :?
  11. I tried smoke testing the OC's dog. Strangely though it failed the test.
  12. Couldn't have been a proper officer then, proper officers have Springers or Black Labradors not Beagles on 20 a day :)