Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dextrose, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. Awesome ... I bet she lithps ath well, and thez "thooper" afterwards.
  2. now if you can find a bloke with a tongue like that...... :)
  3. She'd lick your liver, heart and lungs.
  4. No that would be gay
  5. If you like it that much, pull out your Fraus tongue and hang a safe from it

    see if she can balance your pods on her tongue while she throats you
  6. All well and good but what if she asks for a lick of your Cornetto!! Fcuk that!, she can get her own.
  7. Lizard lady. Freeky.
  8. oh my god!!
  9. My God that's HUGE!
  10. :tongue: Oh yessss


    Tissue !
  11. That's not a woman, it's a fcuking gecko!
  12. Imagine that down ure japs eye or up ure rusty bullet hole.

  13. Yes done that and a few others :numberone:
  14. Blimey, it was so good I nearly missed the advert at the end for inmate dating.