Ombudsman concerned by MI5 move

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Judge_John, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. MI5

  2. PSNI Special Branch (Until now who has had overall responsibility)

  1. The Police Ombudsman in Northern Ireland has said she is concerned about the transfer to MI5 of responsibility for intelligence gathering on national security matters.

    Link here

    MI5 are responsible for protecting the country against covertly organised threats to national security. Which includes Northern Ireland so whats O'Loan getting her knickers in a twist about!.

    O'loan has to realise that her job is to deal with complaints against the Police. If people want to complain about MI5 then that's what the Investigatory Powers Tribunal under the RIPA Act 2000 was established for.
  2. She is just a jobsworth, dont get ya nickers in a twist! :)
  3. Translation: She's realised she wont be able to bully them like the police and and the political hacks don't like the prospect of losing one of their tame attack dogs for having a go at the British government - the RUC (I refuse to use farkin' PSNI).
  4. "O'Loan" wants access?..... yeah right, get back in your box.
  5. I remember in the good old days Nuala would have been fecked off from the front gates of any camp or police station, these days she is virtually saluted and treated with reverence. It wont be long before she gets access to the spooks, watch this space !
  6. The police 'reformers' need to make up their minds - if they want to disband the 'force within a force' that role has to go to 5. As the man said 'they haven't gone away, you know'.