Omani Camouflage

Do you live in Oman?

My friend does. She's never seen any camoflage.


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oman1.JPG very ally
Try here Worldwide might be worth a call, as he gets different stuff in from all round the world.
Out of curiosity, why do you want them?

As said earlier. An old schoolmate lives in Muscat. I could drop her a line on faceache.

In fact, there is one of them walty combat gear dealers in Hereford on the Hightown Street market. Im sat in MaccyD's now and can see him. (yes I know you cnuts but its packed to the rafters with young college bint, the mexecan burger thingy is shit by the way. I think it was designed by 2 blokes in different offices)

Anyway. Back on topic. Im not going to talk to the dealer as he looks like a dodgy smelly cnut (I wonder if he is an arrser?) and I dont want to look like a tool in front of aforementioned college bints.

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