Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Detonator, Aug 15, 2008.

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  1. Just what the relatives wanted, I'm sure (see below).

    The fact that vermin like McGuinness were invited to attend can only be a testament to the innate goodness of the Christian spirit.

    I'm not a Christian, I'm a humanist, and find the offensiveness of his presence at this event, let alone his presence outside a noose, overwhelming.

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  2. Where does he get the arrogance to turn up?
  3. How the mighty empire has fallen when men of McGuinness' kind can be running parts of our once great country. Who says crime doesnt pay.
  4. Don't you just love the bliar words. Later that year he released hundreds of similar murderers giving the whole world the message that "TERRORISM WORKS"
    History cannot be wrong.
  5. I am a Christian and am fairly relaxed about the whole affair. The crew who committed this indescrible act of barbery will have their moment before their God.

    Gordon Wilson reminded us in NI how to cope with such atrocities. As a military boy I'm of the persuasion to find them and slot 'em and then Gordon comes through.............
  6. There should be only ONE end to a terrorist. a bullet in the back of the head, then the body dumped in to an incinerator.

    No excuse, no realease and no romance.

    Still find it hard to believe we haven´t found who carried out the Omagh Bombing.
  7. Poacher turned gamekeeper?

    I have to admire the utter front of this murdering tout.
  8. That is part of the reason why most of the relatives didn't attend yesterday and are holding their own service on Sunday. Wee Marty wasn't invited by the families, he was invited by our Sinn Fein dominated council.

    The second part is the memorial itself, the families had no input into it's design and were very upset by Sinn Fein refusing to allow the words "murdered by Republican Terrorists" to appear on it. That phrase is on the original memorial which the council has now removed and hidden soemwhere.

    Not like Sinn Fein to try and re-write history.
  9. It's fairly common knowledge who murdered those people on that day. The person/s who mixed the explosive, the person/s who procured the vehicle, the person/s who assembled the bomb, the person/s who left it in Omagh town centre. They're known, sorry suspected to have been involved. Proving it beyond reasonable doubt in a court is another matter however. I am no longer shocked at the audacity of the shinners in ensuring wee Marty was in attendance at the memorial service yesterday. Disgusted, yes but shocked, no longer at anything they say or do. I could go off on a rant here, but i'll not bore you all. Fair play to the Gordon Wilson's of this world. They've more Christian goodness in their hearts than I could ever hope for.
  10. Time for a bit of "The Nemesis Files" action.
  11. Who did it? There's an expression over here..... "Every dog in the street.."

    As FG has said above, there's nothing that is currently in the public domain that will nail these barbarians. Sad though that RUC / PSNI has to advise the victims that this matter is now best pursued under a 'private' prosecution(s) arrangement should you have the financial means to do so.
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Not forgetting the 'Human Rights' lawyers who cost more per hour than I earn (and most of us here) in a year! Who can bleat on about the 'poor wee misguided boy' who fell in with the wrong crowd & did'nt mean to plant the bomb that blew up the cafe that killed & maimed.
    Nor the 'generosity' of the Republican comminity to help pay for these lawyers.
    You just have to look at the debacle that was the trial that ended in disaster the other month.Pity we could'nt let 'them' go in & quietly slot the barstewards while they sleep.
  13. its all the ruc's MI5s fault apparently :roll:
    well thats the stock lefties excuse :x
    nothing to do with a bunch of ***** planting a huge bomb then :roll: