Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by red rose, Jul 24, 2013.

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  1. Spent enough time in thare"but can anyone remind me what that mock Tudor shit hole of a boozer was called in lisanelly bks? For the life of me I cant remember too much meths.
  2. Lisanelly.jpg

    Placcy pub.
  3. I don't ever remember hearing it called anything except the plastic pub. It probably did have an actual name though.
  4. When I was there in 79 (16/5th Lancers I think) it was the plastic pub.


    It appears I was attached to 2 RTR and not 16/5th Lancers.

    Apologies etc.
  5. It had a twin in Thiepval, on the end of the strip.
  6. Where was this~? Can't remember where it was. Remember the Ed. Centre, RHQ, the kitchen up on the hill, and the Pub down by the MQ's and NAAFI, and Fams Office. Was that the one? Plastic Pub?
  7. Between the NAAFI and the cook house.
  8. Heh fcuk me - must have used it but can't remember where :) Only the NAAFI, Gym, Community Centre, and Fams Office area. Not great memories of that time anyway. Cheers Legz30 anyway.
  9. I had the barmaid from there over the jukebox.
  10. there was a placy pub in mahon rd barracks,portadown.between the heli pad and squash courts.they must have been cheap and easy to build,as there seems to have been so many
  11. God is that how it is now? Ye remember it as the the placky pub but sure it had a name, lived in the block next door, very handy lol.And remember Lydia chlamydia enntetaining some of us after a mortar baseplate check to the right of that photo lol happy days
  12. There were about 8 bars down the strip and all you can remember is the fucking families office!

    The greenfly was the only bar on the MQs, it was a slime bar.
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    You are well aware of the site's conventions, not to mention rules....