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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by red rose, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. Hi all, I know some hate me here, and tbh cant blame, but getting involved in a thread on a more serious part of the site has made me think about a few things.Basically Ive been thinking of going back to Omagh/Ni partly to lay some demons to rest and partly to see a nice part of that country mainly the lakes around Fermanagh.never got to fully apreciate the beuty of ot wile wearing combats and talking on cougar, but would I be safe etc?
  2. Well are you going to leave the combats behind this time?

    I know what you mean though I've always fancied going back to Armagh, drop me a PM if you get back and I'll start some planning :)

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  3. Lol ye leaving the combats behind sadly as thay no longer fit and are out of fashion, Id give Xmg a miss not nice at any time of year! What happend to Baruki Sanger?
  4. Went through XMG last year as it was just off our route, it's still a shit-hole. Wouldn't bother to go out of your way to see it. Boruki Sanger long gone but still a faint smell of wank-sock in the air.

    Fermanagh is beautiful, you'll be fine there.
  5. As there are folks from abroad who read these posts, I thought it worth explaining the following -

    'James 'Snook' Borucki was murdered in XMG on the 8 August 1976 by a remote controlled IED when a parcel left on a bicycle was detonated by PIRA. It was felt that he wasn't suspicious of the cycle as he knew who it belonged to.

    Ken Wharton's book - Wasted Years, Wasted Lives' Vol1 gives a fuller account of this 19 years old tragic demise.
  6. I live over here and I've not had any problems (although it is only Lisburn).

    Don't go to the places you knew were really dodgy (XMG, the Bogside and the Falls are out for example) unless its on one of those tour buses and you'll be fine.

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  7. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Fermanagh may well be lovely. Lisnaskea is still a miserable hole.

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  8. While your over there, have mozy to Castle Cosy and give our regards to Jimbo Shorrts while you kicks his bollocks in.
  9. I have recently spent 3 weeks over there, including Fermanagh and Belfast.

    They have changed for the better and it a pleasure to see the changes since I was last there.

    Even managed a night out in Belfast city centre.

    Just avoid the obviously unfriendly places.

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  10. Safe enough now mate, but keep your pub conversation guarded till your absolutely sure who you're talking to.

    sadly an English accent still rankles some
  11. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    And the wrist bangles

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  12. What year was in omagh red rose and what regiment were you with?
  13. Utter bollocks. Boruki was one of four men sent to secure the square as a helicopter with a low grade "VIP" was about to land. The patrol left the camp by the back gate - I let them out - so they would have been blind to the bike until they came around the corner into the Cullaville road. The bike was set against the wall just around the corner.

    The previous Sunday was the rehearsal, of course we didn't know that at the time but one of our patrols spotted the bike with the parcel on the back and got some kid to move it over to the middle of the square out of the way. On the day of the attack, PIRA had put signs out on the roads saying "STOP, BOMB ATTACK IN PROGRESS", these were not there the previous Sunday.
  14. Ken Wharton's book - Wasted Years, Wasted Lives Vol1 under August 1976 pages 235 > 239

    ' The Killing of James 'Snook' Borucki, Crossmaglen 8 August 1976' detail given to the author by Tommy 'Nobby' Clarke, RCT and others.

    Perhaps you'd care to read this detail and maybe in turn tell the author that his witness statements have got it wrong?
  15. Yep, good idea. It'll have to wait a while as I'm a bit busy at the mo.