Omagh bomb

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bootifull, Apr 2, 2011.

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  1. The amount of near misses we've had recently this was not unexpected.It's apparently exploded in the town centre.

    I hope there are no casualties.
  2. policeman critically injured according to bbc news 24
  3. ****ing bogtrotters, can't they just give it a bleedin rest for once
  4. There's the peace dividend for you.

  5. No and we would be foolish to believe they ever will.
  6. What would be even more foolish would be to commit troops and bother our arrses to sort it out again...
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  7. Dead now according to Sky News
  8. The policeman has sadly died, it is believed he was a young catholic officer.
  9. Why do the media and others persist in describing these thugs as "claiming responsibility" for such atrocities instead of "admitting guilt"? Few acts can be less "responsible" than the deliberate planting of bombs to kill people indiscriminately.
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  10. Omagh...

    I was involved in the aftermath of the 1998. Bin the GFA, and let's just get at 'em. Shoot 'em in the fcuking streets and give the people of Northern Ireland a chance of a peaceful existance.
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  11. RIP young Catholic policeman.
    Gerry Adams condemned the bombers, can his opinion make a difference to the good, or is it getting like the stickies v provos again?
  12. Scumbag dirty Bastards. I honestly think this year will be a test for the GFA, with the marching season approaching and the dissidents hijacking the protests. As long as my side sticks to their guns and remains commited to the GFA and leaves it for the security forces to deal with, hopefully those scumbags will achieve no more support than they did last year.
  13. I'll be over there later this week, does this mean we have to go back to checking under the car again?
  14. Sinn Fein and the dissidents hate each other with a passion, ONH being all ex provo's who never got jobs and upset the Sinn Fein applecart of a peaceful way of gaining a United Ireland