Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jack-daniels, Aug 8, 2008.

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  1. That was some drumming session to start it off with!

    How the hell are Britain supposed to follow this ceremony up? We'll probably have 6 blokes and a guitar.

    Very impressive so far.
  2. Sitting in the office watching the Chinese ceromony and thinking the same thing...Time to leave the UK before the embarrassment of 2012
  3. We'll start off with a load of skinheads in England/Millwall shirts with "synchronised plastic chair throwing"

    Followed by Z list celebs in a mass advert; "Have you been injured in an accident that wasn't your fault", with the blood sucking "lawyers" closely behind.

    Then we'll get all "tolerant", "multi-cultural" and want to engage our "yoof" - gangs of young fcukwits "shanking" each other in time to some crap rap music.

    We can then have the procession of whichever Emperor Mong happens to have become Prime Minister without being elected followed by the ceremonial lighting of the Olypmic Energy Saving Lightbulb - as we'll have fcuk all gas left by 2012.
  4. really really cool so far! sarah brightman gives me a fat woody one!
  5. Have Gordon Brown invite the Chinese to invade the UK and then they can do it all again in 2012 for us.......
  6. The ceremonial lighting of Jade Goody?
  7. Come on...more details please. Some of us are still at work er...reading arrse.
  8. Using BBC website and flicking back every so often its maazing. We could do just as well by 2012 if we get behind and support it. Endless running it down will do just that. Have a look at the 2012 website and get behind it. You could even volounteer to help. Dont be negative.
  9. Well having watched this so far, I've heard that Seb Coe has had his resignation refused 5 times by now and Tessa Jowell has left the country.
  10. Absolutely spellbinding. We will be doing the same sort of thing in 2012. All waving our dole sign on cards, rhythmically.....we're fooked folks!
  11. I share the sense of deep foreboding - after this breathtaking show we'll be the laughing stock of the world if any of Zanu NL's bright ideas get put into practice. Maybe we could salvage some pride by introducing an original note or two - like having the athletes come out between two rows of crucified chavs, and a bollock-naked Cyclops doing a Dance of the Flaming ********* round the track.
  12. Like the way the cameras panned to George Bush when the Iraqi team came in!
  13. We can have Chas n' Dave tinkling the ivories whilst pearl laden ederly Cockney types do the hokey cokey'... imagine a thousand of them sparkling feckers! Then the Burberry Brigade come in to add to the colourful spectacle and flash a bit of bling while bopping around to the lastest tecnho grimey dance tune being played by DJ Fist F*ck. The highlight would be the Morris Dancers who ceremonially bash the Chavs with their sticks and hop around their dead bodies before handing them over to the Pagan tribe to burn in a huge wicker man and dance around it naked.
  14. Been watching it.

    Not that impressed.

    Thought it would have started with a public execution of Tibetan Bhuddist monks.

    Disappointed of Kent.
  15. Just caught a very brief glimpse of it here and there.

    I'm confused as to why there seem to be bagpipes playing throughout.

    Should I just try for the Mongolian team for 2012?