Olympics terror plan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mrrandom, Jan 2, 2011.

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  1. MORE than a thousand troops are expected to play a vital part in protecting next year’s Olympic Games as fears grow that terrorists may use the events in Stratford, east London, to launch a Mumbai-style suicide mission.

    Operation Empire is expected to see a warship moored in the Thames estuary to combat any attack from the sea or air, an infantry battalion stationed at key points around the main venue, and around 250 armed special forces troops in plain clothes infiltrated in the crowds.

    They will be in addition to 9,000 uniformed and unarmed police officers, a contingent of specially trained armed response officers and 6,000 community and special constables.

    The rethink follows last month’s arrests over alleged plots to attack key landmarks such as the London Stock Exchange and the US Embassy. More than 170 people were killed and several hundred wounded in Mumbai during an attack by 10 gunmen in November 2008.

    Last night MP Patrick Mercer said: “The last government failed to understand the need for conventional forces in this type of operation. At last the message is getting through.”

    A specialist team from the spy base GCHQ will conduct eavesdropping operations from amphibious assault ship HMS Bulwark, which will provide an “electromagnetic bubble” over the whole area to prevent aircraft intrusion and thwart any 9/11-style hijack attack.

    The ship also has anti-aircraft weapons and will carry Royal Marines and Special Boat Service troops equipped with high-speed boats.

    Express.co.uk - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | UK News :: Olympics terror plan
  2. At first i thought the warship was overkill. But it will probably be more of a floating jetty for the ribs to work from.
  3. 9000 unarmed constables - what a wonderful deterrent to murdering terrorists who area heavily armed!
  4. 250 armed special forces in the crowd. To the uninitiated that seems like a high percentage of the UKs SF contingent (not counting SFSG)? Are they assuming that they'll have a month or so "off" from Afghan?

    (please feel free to correct me/rip me apart if I'm wrong)
  5. I also imagine that a large proportion of the military contingent will include RE search teams.

    Sensationalist reporting? From a british tabloid? I've never heard of such a thing.
  6. That must be about half off the SAS or SBS in one go, thank **** the UK isn't involved in a any wars at present. ****ing newspapers only good forn wiping yer ass on in a recession.
  7. They can post as many Old Bill as they like and overstretch the Army yet again, one major flaw is that the potential terrorists have UK passports which makes the catching more difficult.

  8. Cancel the Olympics, its a fooking expensive waste of time.
    SHould have let the french have it in the 1st place.
  9. I wonder if it`s to late to call off the whole bloody stupid business. To the tiny minority of morons who seem to like watching blacks run round in circles, I say sod of to Africa and indulge in your weird hobby there.
  10. The most terrifying prospect is BoJo doing the "Welcome to Londinium" speech.
  11. Figures are just crap I reckon - for starters 6,000 PCSO's and Specials? Hmmm.... Specials are free yeh? I can see them flocking from all oveer the country for 2 weeks unpaid in London, so that figure will drop to about 1,000 becuase only ones in the Met will do it and then it will probably be topped up (As well as military figures) by the T.A. which costs - but that won't be released or the cost until after the games. Didn't Australians say having the Olympics was the worst thing they did? Should have focused all of their efferts on to the World cup, at least all of the stadiums are already built reducing the cost by a good amount.
  12. Apart from mr mercers point of view on the security concerns where'd did the express acquire these fantasy figures from?

    Plenty of journo talk, but sources....
  13. Now that's funny. Cheered me up no end.

    Quite. Their readership won't ask. They seem to imagine that the Sun and Express journalists sit at the same conference tables as the Commissioner of the Met, DSF, DsG of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ, the Service Chiefs etc.

    I hope the Olympics are a disaster, no-one hurt, just a shambles.
  14. If there is a terrorist attack during the olympics, I hope to fcuk it is in London. Because the rest of the country will be covered by three AFO's and one Furry Crocodile.

    They've learned nothing from 2005. They turned Gleneagles into the safest place on earth; thousands of police, including Public Order and CO19. Secret Service, SAS, Apache Gunships and Close Protection teams from all the other G8 Nations. And of course AQ hit the soft underbelly on 7/7.

    If you concentrate the vast majority of your security assets on one area, you make it easier for the bad guys to hit everywhere else. I have a very bad feeling about this...
  15. Yeah! And it'll be in French too!