Olympics Mobilisation

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, May 7, 2012.

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  1. So the first tranche has been authorised for June call out and the remaining 1000 will get called out in Jul - demobbed in August. This is all voluntary, isn't it?

    [Just in case I need to form a case against it.... would loose too much money for my business etc]
  2. Yes, you don't have to go :)
  3. Not being TA I might be talking complete bollocks.

    But if you receive a letter I am sure it is not an invite maybe something to do with a "Parliamentarty order allowing Reserves to be called up for service as part of the MoD's contribution to the Olympics" (or words to that effect ABN 37-12).

    Yes I would have thought there might be a lot of people that have put their name down to do it but on the other hand if they need some one with a specialist trade and none have volunteered tough poo.

    What is the point of being in the TA if at the first sign of you having to do some work you say no sorry can't make it this week. Thank god I am out before we will be relaying on reserves to do the most basic of task.
  4. Its volunteer only, there is no compulsory mobilisation, only "intelligent"
  5. Thats ok then I will take my little rant else where.
  6. D, good point but you'd be able to get someone else at a cheaper day rate
  7. I'm on for it.....Summer in Bonnie Englandshire and a few quid extra whats not too like?, Even using all my leave at my work to go. Its a wee change from my usual Mobs to Sandpits....

    Even if its searching bags or just Stagging on, its got to be done and its what we are here for.....
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  8. Good show my Caledonian chum. Do me a favour though, find all the tour dodging big me up types and give em hell.

    I'm shocked at how many blokes with an excuse not to deploy overseas have miraculously found the time to do the Olympic gig.

    You mark my words, they'll be puffing their chests up proudly and giving it the 1000 yard stare at the mere mention of you know where!

    And I don't mean McDonalds!
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  9. My letter says it is a compulsory notice of call out (they just used the "intelligent" method to I D the pods to ping for it) I volunteered for the 3 monther as work is a bit thin on the ground at the mo and the other bloke in my regt that volunteered for the 3 month call up has his papers the one month lot haven't yet (but they are all dirty students so I don't care about them )
  10. Wah?
  11. Good thing the Regular Army has so many blokes twiddling their thumbs they'll have no problems manning this one, then
  12. I dare say a QDJM will assist to establish one's credentials as a certified underwater knife-fighter to those who don't know any different.

    Fair enough, if they ask for the people and you can do it.

    Mr Snakey has a point, however.
  13. Like a good camp substitute for teachers and students?
  14. Yes.. And a very good point at that, Although i dont see me in full Number 2's on task, think the PCS will do fine in the better English Summer.
    I did notice a few well know allergic to sand types(Unless its St Andrew Beach type of course) "Enablers" on the list from my Bde. Some of the bottom feeders i saw at my medical head for The games was a tad troubling too..... Mind you pretty much most of the Snr NCO and Officers from my lot are all recently off Herrick, or have been in the last couple of years...So should be ok on that front.
  15. So we can be assured the TA have covered the long jump then?