Olympics - Let the Doping begin! 9 athlethes banned

Can we start a book on the total by teh closing ceremony? With those 9 included I'm plumping for 26.
Would the total include those previously banned but allowed to participate?
Do the Eastern Eurpoean female shot putters count??


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So they've caught 9 of the dumber athletes. The smarter ones will slip through the net.

My prediction is that the Chinese will win a huge haul of medals but not one of their athletes will test positive...

The people who were stupid enough to get caught:

The sport's governing body said Wednesday six were caught in biological passport tests, which measure changes in an athlete's blood profile. Three were in retroactive testing from the championships in Daegu, South Korea.

Eight of the athletes received two-year suspensions; one drew a four-year ban.

Abderrahim Goumri of Morocco, Iríni Kokkinaríou of Greece, Meryem Erdogan of Turkey, and Svetlana Klyuka, Nailiya Yulamanova and Yevgenina Zinurova of Russia received a sanction for an anti-doping rule violation under IAAF Rule 32.2 (b) (use or attempted use of a prohibited substance or method) on the basis of an abnormal Athlete Biological Passport profile.

Caught in retests were: Inna Eftimova of Bulgaria, who tested positive for synthetic growth hormone; and Nataliya Tobias and Antonina Yefremova of Ukraine, whose retested samples both contained traces of synthetic testosterone.
IAAF announces new doping cases

The doping medal tally currently stands at:

Russia - 3
Ukraine -2
Bulgaria -1
Greece - 1
Turkey - 1
Morocco -1
That's because they all look the same. They'll send the same 1 male or female for each test. Us westerners will be nonthewiser.
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Test the BBC commentators. Ear to ear smiles, ability to talk drivel for hours on end. The signs are there.
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My prediction is that the Chinese will win a huge haul of medals but not one of their athletes will test positive.
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