Olympics in China

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EX_STAB, Apr 8, 2008.

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  1. A sporting highlight I always look forward to.

  2. Of no special interest but I might watch the odd bit.

  3. Not worth the hype - I don't rate it.

  1. Aside from the political shenanigans, does anyone give a stuff about the Olympics? Will anyone be watching it with great enthusiasm?
    Sitting up in the wee small hours to see whether Latvia beat Rio Muni in the Men's 300m freestyle ping pong?

    I don't know anyone who thinks of it as a great sporting event. World cup football or Rugby, Cricket Internationals, F1 Grand Prix are all anticipated with relish.

    The Olympics by comparison seems like It's a Knockout taken far too seriously.

    Or is it just me?
  2. your right, it has lost its shine, mostly because of the political pis*ing contests since the games inception and especially over the boycotts and sh*t flinging of the last 4 decades.

    i will follow the archery and shooting events as keenly as i allways have, but it is distracting to have the political stuff going on in the backgroud.

    it is hard to separate the fun from the fire.
  3. I find it entertaining when a 26st Russian lifts a weight above his head pretty much everybody else on earth would need a crane or forklift to move, but apart from that, can't see the attraction; even the shooting except when Malcolm or Sarah Cooper got medals
  4. Well, I don't mind the athletics, particularly track and field.

    And of course those three words that revitalise even the most jaded of sporting palate - women's beach volleyball.
  5. Well it might be an appealing visual spectacle but is it really a world class sporting event?

    I think you rather make my point for me!
  6. Track and field appeals but little else. Olympic Football with national teams made up of over paid millionaire Premiership stars? Nothing amatuerish about that. I couldn't get misty eyed or inspired over seeing a Chelsea player with an Olympic gold around his neck. Same goes for tennis and basketball.
  7. Two words

    Beach volleyball

  8. The tragedy is our efforts in 2012 will be blighted by mad cap loons and extremists of every persuasion. This whole Olympic thing is a farce, if somebody thinks bringing a bunch of muscle-bound types together really makes a difference to international relations.

    Top tip, stay away and tune out!
  9. Let's face it, with the passing of the amateur sportsman and the political 'must win' approach with professional level funding, it's lost the shine.

    Apart from womens beach volleyball, 'natch.
  10. can you add "I will probably be made to go there every day for work and I am dreading it" to the poll please.

  11. Bring back "It's a Knockout" I say :D
  12. My bold: who cares?

    Edited to add: Gayer.
  13. It's a good point well made! :D

    (The missus wants to know what I'm cracking up about now you bugger!)
  14. it is only good for the mens swimming, I usually tune out after that.