Olympic Traffic only Lanes in London

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Dread99, Aug 8, 2008.

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  1. Ha ha..Tessa Jowell extolling the virtues of the Beijing Olympic only Traffic Lanes and saying they will definitely be used in London....maybe a good idea for the games...but whats the betting that they would be in use 6 months early and kept forever if this god forsaken lot of misfits retained power. (wonder where they,ll put them??? over the rooftops??? can,t see any other space available.)
  2. After the Olympics they become lanes for the Labour Party. With a 6 grand fine, 50 points and a compulsary 12 month prison sentance (a murderer-rapist will be released to make space if neccesary) for just touching the white line with your tyre.
  3. What of it? In 2012 most of this government will be unemployed, anything they decide will be irrelevant.
  4. Very unlikely they'll be for the labour party!
  5. Oh I don´t know. With all those doleys dependant on Labour to win or possibley lose cash....
  6. Doleys dependent on labour to win???????

    So the cons will do what exactly?
  7. If this does go ahead (thats making a BIG assumption that the current government will still be in power in 2012) then I can see it being tied into a revenue raising extension of the congestion charge around the Olympic Venues in order to "relieve congestion" or something like that.

    Does anyone know if Tessa Jowell even though about asking Mayor Boris about this before opening her mouth?
  8. They don´t have to do anything, just mention that the current benefit system needs looking at.

    Cue scroungers running for cover.
  9. *spidey sense tingling*

    Nope - I don't buy it. I'm waiting for the "environmental" tie-in as they announce that the measures are necessary to stop polar bears melting.

    Don't bank on the other lot binning the idea either, "call me Dave" still hasn't convinced me that he's not styled himself on the nobsac Bliar
    (heir to Blair - god almighty!!)
  10. I dont think there will even be a labour party in 2012, they are going to vapourise. Look out for european style party to be created out of the dust from their implosion at the next election.

    Unfortunately they will hand to the next government the poison chalice of an extremely over budget Olympics along with a smouldering ruin of an economy.
  11. If they are so worried about carbon footprint etc why cant the athletes use the public transport.
  12. Video conference the whole games, no need for athletes to leave their home countries, dramatically reduced carbon footprint from all those air miles eliminated and the budget comes right down; no olympic village, couple of lanes for the running tracks and velodromes, very long but thin pools. Perfect!