Olympic Torch protests China blames the French!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Apr 12, 2008.

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  1. Already mentioned by Rockteer in this thread


    China’s media has decided (correctly) to focus on attacking the French, prompted by the photographed attack on a Chinese wheelchair bound, Paralympian, Jin Jing and the triumphant crowing of the French media with front page headlines like ‘Chinese get their face slapped!’ (note that the Guardian would be considered a Right wing newspaper in France).

    The Chinese are being whipped up into righteous anti French sentiment, I am doing my bit when asked by saying that it is deliberate French Policy to punish China for choosing to learn English rather than French. The Chinese seem to accept this as they know that the frogs are prickly that no one speaks their language.

    In deference to Sarko's recent Anglophile speech I stress that it’s not his fault but rather an illustration of the animals the chap has to try to herd into the 20th Century.

    The protests in London have been reported in China mainly insignificant - phew!

    Anti French article -

  2. better double the guard on the tunnel, just incase they (the frensh) check it for a potential mass retreat.
  3. For all that it's a mouthpiece of officialdom, it does make a valid point about double-standards. You could be forgiven for believing that the right to demonstrate in liberal Western democracies applies equally to everyone but the Chinese and that the level of violence in these protests is perfectly acceptable. Pride in their nation, pride in it's achievements and confidence in it's future are too often portrayed as some vast robotic collectivist approval of the regime rather than a perfectly natural human sentiment, shared by most folk around the world.

    You'd think we in Britain (and particularly on ARRSE) would understand that a particular government is not the same thing as the country it governs.
  4. In full


    Yesterday I had repeatedly slag the French off in front a group of Chinese Business people :D my line is the Britain has been fighting the French for almost a thousand years due to their vile and rude behaviour and now China can understand why! :lol:

    They gave me a round of applause :)
  5. I'm getting quite sick of the almost triumphalist tone of the reporting that British media are carrying about the Paris incident. The Guardian and Telegraph used damn near the same opening paragraph, describing it 'descending into farce'. I know journos are by and large a despicably lazy bunch, but two such different rags? You could almost be forgiven for thinking that the important issue wasn't baying mobs attacking a young girl in a wheelchair.

    Still, the Frogs are getting just what they deserve, IMO. It isn't just Sarkozy being snooty over the opening ceremony, their entire government seems to be in on it. Foreign Minister's talking about "all options being open" re the ceremonies and wanting people to "be informed" about Tibet. Well, Dan Cruickshank had an informative programme 'The Lost World of Tibet' as filmed by the British envoy's team there in the 40s and 50s. Can't say I'd have liked to be a Tibetan peasant thenabouts. I much prefer to be my own property thank you very much.

    Good drills, by the way. :D
  6. Merlin (not the vehicle return Merlin, the real Merlin), or Nostrodarmus (who wasn't a mouse in the Rats of Nimh), well one of them anyway, predicted that the Lords of the East, (China) would invade France via the Middle East, and the good old BEF(minus) would end up having to save the Frenchies yet again. History repeating itself me thinks.

    Also i like Chinese food, never had Tibetan so what have they done for the world, apart from some bloke who names himself after aSouth american goat/deer type thing!
  7. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    A most informed comment, I think. It will be interesting to see the effect of all this on the french economy if this continues. French fries didn't hurt much but the failure of exports such as wine did.

    From a Fr govn site (2007)

    However, from wine-info.com, in 2007

    Up to then, China was viewed as a place of massive opportunty

    Not anymore perhaps?