Olympic Torch Imbroglio

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rocketeer, Apr 12, 2008.

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  1. Just been watching the latest shenanigans over the International Torch Relay... China making big hooplah over the wheelchair fencing waif who protected the torch with her body in Paris, San Fransico dumbshit protests where the ' legitimate' complaints of the Tibet types was ' co-opted' in part by other flakish protests such as the " nudists for an Organic World " etc. etc..

    Some are claiming vistory in that the issue of Human Rights in China is getting world wide play, others are claiming that China is just shutting down all stuff going in or out of the country so it has no impact where it should do the most good and no one will emerge a 'winner'..

    I'm beginning to think in retrospect it would have been a better, more effective protest if everyone had just ignored the run.. not bothered to show up to watch, shops closed along the route while it ran and the western press just not bothered to film or photograpgh it.. let the run take placve on empty streets and be ignored.. would have had a better impact on chinese PR and such..

    too late now, of course, but still..
    grand opportunity lost, perhaps.

    anyway.. this all has done nothing to change China's attitude and opened them a chance to be more repressive [ see sidebar stories of them ' exposing terrorist plots' in remote minority regions.. ]

    anyone else figured out if this was worth the hype, hooplah and security costs?
  2. I think its great. China is being exposed as a bully and will continue to be so exposed as "face" alone dictates they can't be backed down. Loads of free publicity to the Free Tibet lots to.

  3. It's not like the Chicoms substituted the torch for flaming Tibetian Monk heads on pikes.

    What was the IOC thinking when they gave it to Beijing, not like this wasn't foreseeable.
  4. Maybe someone had a squaddy sense of humour?