Olympic Tickets

Well, that's my application in for a couple of the Athletics sessions......I'm going to get knocked back aren't I?!!
Cheapest were £50 a go for the evening session but I bet they give me the dearer ones if I get allocated any.
And if I do get lucky.....I'll be taking my own ale as I'm sure they'll be charging Olympic prices.
Any one know where I can get Gymnastic tickets!


They're not for me you understand.


Got to be honest I have no interest in the Olympics apart from the Equestrian stuff.

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I would rather Sluggy sat on my face than waste my money on that tosh.
We have just gone for £1k of tickets, in various sports. Had the money saved for the last couple of years and next year the time has already been booked off as well.
Im looking at getting some tickets for the shooting.I know its at The Royal Artillery bks but i know nothing about the venue.can anyone give me some info.thanks.


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Or maybe tickets for this competition.
Not bothering,checked on the sport (Fencing) sessions I wanted,£65-£95 at the Excel,****ing joke,they sound like touts prices to me.

These prices are not for the UK,but to rip off overseas visitors,the Barcelona Olympics were far cheaper relatively speaking.

I can go and watch International Fencing,all disciplines for a lot less than that,looks like Sky coverage for me. ;-)


Stuck my application in for a couple tickets to the athletics. Didn't fancy £725 to Watch Usain Bolt for 9.5 seconds when I can pay a lot less and watch Jess Ennis for a while!

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