olympic threat conspiracy theories

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Grumblegrunt, Jun 3, 2012.

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  1. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    has anyone else heard/read the theories that london might be victim to a false flag nuke this year?

    some of the sites are down right stupid but it would be nice if something came of it, I mean the legacy was supposed to have been regenerating londons east end wasn't it :clown:

    this one makes no sense at all, I wish I knew what they put in the water over there

    London Olympics 2012 Games
  2. You have just started a rumour have you?

    No one is taking the bait. Good
  3. Those people need to get out more.
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  4. Nurse Ratched, Haloperidol quickly please!
  5. I thought it had been and then I realized it was Luton.
  6. NO No one has heard these fictitious non-rumours.
  7. Dear God! I'm guessing the females in this "Circle of loonies" are the same ones that join cults and let the leader have sex with all of them, as it will save the planet.

    Let them dribble all they want, nothing ever comes of it, except for tin foil stocks running low. In fact, it's probably companies that make tin foil who start these websites to boost their business.
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  8. And this children, is why you don't do drugs.
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  9. We couldn't be that lucky...:roll:

    For a start, what would be the point of a "false flag nuke"? Casus Belli to start a war in Iran? Even if our gub'mint were dumb enough to want to feed what's left of our Armed Forces into what might very well become the costliest war since Adolf got a rush of blood to his cock, there's no need to make London glow in the dark. Israel and America can always find a much cheaper and safer excuse if/when they want to kick-start Op: End of Days.

    An excuse to turn the UK into a Facist Dictatorship? Someone's watched V for Vendetta too many times. Given the attention span and apathy of the average voter, the gub'mint has no need for false flag terrorism. Just quietly pass a few laws while the Great British Public are busy watching BGT, Jeremy Kyle or the Football. And why bother anyway? They already have all the money, power and perks they will ever need.

    In any case, setting up the Greatest Terrorist Attack in History would take a huge amount of time, effort and money. All things our dear leaders have shown little talent for in the past. Even if they somehow pulled it off, no doubt they'd **** it up. Probably by leaving all the plans on a laptop before someone loses it down the pub...

    There probably will be some kind of terrorist attack during the Olympics, though London itself will be the safest city on earth during the Games. With every other UK city stripped bare of armed police etc, it will be an almost irresistible target for anyone who wants to get their Jihad on. But it won't be some epic, Jack Bauer-style CBRN attack. Much cheaper and easier to emulate the tactics used by the terrorist in France; a few committed terrorists with basic firearms training and a plentiful supply of weapons and ammo would cause absolute chaos before they were stopped.
  10. Ill have what theyre having!
  11. The voice of experience speaks. Or rather, it doesn't. Just the site for you - AboveTopSecret.com - Conspiracy Theories, UFOs, Paranormal, Political Madness, and other "Alternative Topics" they'll appreciate your valuable, experience-gained, insight.

    Why don't you stick to [trying to] impressing the young shelf stackers at Tesco, you cock.
  12. Fantasists the lot of em,,This makes more sense than the 'Zion' theory....

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  13. إن شاء الله
  14. Well a bloke down the pub told me that he worked on the olympic stadium and there is supposedly a disused tube station not far away. He told me that some terrorists have been posing as workmen and tunnelling. He reckons that during the opening ceremony, a piece of turf will lift up and out will pop terrorists to carry out a Mumbai style massacre.
  15. Apparently London is becoming a 'militerized zone'.

    Whatever the **** one of those is.