Olympic table - British Empire style

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tiddle, Aug 22, 2008.

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  1. Ahh, the way it should still be. Happy days.
  2. In our lifetime I can see the tally getting reduced when Team GB becomes Team England, Team Wales and Team Scotland. Team Ireland will cover the whole island of Ireland but with British funding withdrawn it will not even be able to afford drugs for their gee-gees! :wink:
  3. How many of our former colonies excelled at sport when we still ran them?

  4. Some of them where pretty good at Cricket :D
  5. All of them run well.
  6. What about the USA?, used to be ours.
  7. The internationa version of the ginger step child who eats its own snot.

  8. If you add up the number of medals Europe has won, it would be logical to say that when Team EU enters the Olympics, we will be the best at everything.
  9. [​IMG]

  10. Ah, but they only started to be good enough to beat you once they were independent. They've routinely thrashed you senseless ever since.
  11. I don't care where we come in the table as long as we beat the Aussies.
  12. I'd rather eat my own eyes than have a team europe.

    We are not europeans and never will be
  13. Care to explain how we are not European since we are part of Europe?
  14. Geographical location does not mean you have to join in.

    Are Jocks English? Or are the English Welsh?

    All part of the same geographical bit of rock but distinct peoples.

    Any way if the Israelis can be included in the European song contest then it makes fcuk all difference where you are.