Olympic Silver

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chris951, Feb 16, 2006.

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  1. Good to see Shelley Rudman winning silver in that scarey one! (Skeleton)

    Pity her local pub had to club together to buy her sled. Suppose the lottery is too busy buying books in Ancient Greek for minority groups.
  2. That is a mad event.
    If you see a replay of her starting, her sled was held together with a lot of masking tape. Wonder which camp Pewsey is close to?
  3. Well done to her. The feeling of speed that close to the ice must be incredible
  4. Hats off to her and well done. It doesn't stop her being mad as a fish mind :roll:
  5. I didn't know she won a medal. I watched the commentry this morning after her fastest in training time. Bloody well done that girl. A silver in her first Olympics? I reckon that she's going to be one of the big names in Skeleton in the years to come.

    Well done to Pewsey for their belief and support. I hope they have a great time tonight in their local and again when she comes home. I wonder how many in the Government will have been cheering her on in the knowledge that her family and friends had to pay for her to get over there so she could represent this country. They Governemt should be ashamed of themselves. They go on about promoting sport yet ignore such talent on the international arena.

    Lets hope that the sponsorship rolls in for her!!!
  6. It takes some guts to go that speed on a tin tray
  7. I don't know Rab........didn't you and Jamsie Cotter come third in the Govan Luge on a Tennants tray stolen from the Two Ways?
  8. Whats about ARRSE contributing a collection in exchange for a bit of advertising?
  9. What a bloody fantastic idea. Does she have any more events?

    We need to get in quick though
  10. Ha. In your face Hollingsworth.

    Someone should sponsor Rudman, just like they should sponsor the rest of the kids who show enough drive to train for the winter sports. It takes a heck of a lot more for someone to pick up a sled that runs an inch off solid ice that would wear down your flesh to the bone should you fall off than, say, take up the high jump in a nice sunny stadium.
  11. Ok, how about a collection for an Arrse Rugby top , and some beer tokens. Or at least enough to get her some more kit?
  12. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Good on the girl. :lol: If that had been me stuck on the tea tray there would have been a very wide brown stain following me down, along with an ear shattering scream :cry:
  13. Just saw that one Boxhead went hurtling down there, already in the knowledge that she was 2 months pregnant!
  14. Apparently, the RQ at Upavon has been tasked to cut the top off the Wigglybus so she can have a tour of the Village when she comes back with her medal. I will make the effort to go, as long as that sweetie with the England top on and half a head of hair who was interviewed by the BBC is there.

    Why aren't we sponsoring her? Might have to go to the Moonrakers tonight to "show my arrse".