Olympic SIA qualifications?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by redster302, Dec 23, 2012.

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  1. Whilst on OP Olympics, I stayed at Hainault, and worked at the ExCel centre.
    During the pre deployment training you could volunteer to do the SIA exams for free, I volunteered, as it was something for nothing, but many didn't want the qual, so didn't volunteer.
    At Hainault, the exams were on offer again initially to volunteers, and then it was said everyone should "volunteer" or better be prepared to explain to the CO why they weren't doing it, as the heads of sheds of London district wanted everyone to get the free qual, so we came away from the Olympics with something positive (or more likely so there would be a pre qualified workforce for the commonwealth games).
    The practical part of the qualification (2 & 1/2 hrs trg) was also organised and presumably paid for as it was a civvie company that provided it.
    Paperwork was filled in to confirm that we had done this training, and we were told that the qualification would be inbound.

    4 months later, and no one I know has received anything in regards to this, was just wondering if anyone in arrse land had received their qualification, or knew anything about it?

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  2. I would love to think that there is someone in the MOD with that much foresight! Anyway, Scotland will be Independant by then so not 'our' problem. ;-)
  3. To register with the SIA I believe you need an enhanced CRB check. Presumably to pass the exam and be accredited you need this, best find out if you need to do more than just sit an exam
  4. when i bugged out of hainualt there was a bit of paper given to me about the SIA Qual cant find it now but it had something on it about going on to the Defence Learning Portal
  5. You'll also need a minimum of a FA@W cert and an ECRB.

    I wouldn't be too quick to blame the MOD. The SIA are a bunch of tools at the best of times, with previous for taking their time, getting things wrong and generally being a complete clusterfuck.....

    Good luck.
  6. Have you thought of the contacting Mr James Shortt of the IBA. They offer alternative training.
  7. Short of being Jimmy Savile an SIA licence involves little more than dishing out £200+ for spending an afternoon listening to the rain batter a portakabin in Wandsworrh.
  8. Quite a few of our lads did this....and last month there was an e mail about it kicking around.. Seems you still had some training thingy to do... Never bothered my self, did doors when i was younger not sure i fancy going back done that road these days... :D
  9. As shite as the SIA are, they are unfortunately the legal requirement. Slag them off all you like, they deserve it afterall, but at the end of the day (or your service careers) you'll need to jump through their hoop to get badged. Or of course, you could not bother and let the idiot civvy get the job which you could be doing. Your choice of course.
  10. Excuse my confusion but what has a FAAW Cert got to with a SIA Licence?, Unless it's CP focused which most will be done at course level unless otherwise previously obtained.

    Agreeed on SIA's Incompetence though (as a current Licence Holder also)
  11. That little murdering **** Jon Venables managed to get an SIA and was stewarding concerts and doing the doors at nightclubs in the North of England. Murdering a three year old isn't as bad as having a scrap down the football ground,when it comes to vetting.
  12. Did London District expect regulars to take the SIA qualification?

    Regulations concerning extra work prohibit any security roles.
  13. I thought that this could have been an issue also, but they shelled out for the practical course, so I assumed that it would have been ok'd at a higher level.
    I'll ask around when I get back to work, just wanted to know if anyone had received their qual, or if the whole thing had been chinned off

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  14. Does anyone know which qualification it was that was taken? The difference being whether your eventual SIA licence is Security Guard or Door Supervisor
  15. I believe it was the door supervisor qual, one of the exams was door supervisor based, and the practical training was based around this also - non pain inducing restraint and movement techniques. Although I don't remember these techniques ever being used on me!

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