Olympic Shooting Venue - Signatures needed!


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Just got an email from Bisley:

Please read on this is really important and will only take a few moments. Shooting needs your signature on the petition.

Over £18 million approx (at the 2006 bid price) will be spent on building the 2012 Olympic shooting sports venue at Woolwich Barracks and then after the Olympics it will be pulled down again. This is not only a total waste of money and an immoral use of resources but more importantly it does not leave any lasting legacy for shooting sports in this country. Every year the Great Britain shooting teams work hard to bring home medals from competing in ISSF and FITASC disciplines world wide.

Surely it deserves a lasting legacy?

PLEASE PLEASE SIGN at the link below.

And if possible get others to sign it.

Gobment Petition


Done for what its worth the shooting should be held at Bisley and the facilities then used to train future competitors, to say that those sports or disciplines arent done at bisley then Bisley needs to change if the gobment wants the medal count to increase and it should pay for it!
The trouble is that, if you look at pistol, the only people that could use the full bore is the Military. One of my CSgts, probably the best shot I've ever seen, used to spend a good deal of his cash travelling across to Europe (Switzerland, I think, of all places) with the Welsh and GB team because they couldn't practise in the UK.

For rifle, with the help of PC townie loons we have in charge, the rest of society thinks that all shooting events are elitist, inherently dangerous, probably immoral and definitely setting the wrong tone for the youth of today.

I've signed but hold out little hope for common sense to prevail.
I always got the idea that the Government would really rather not dirty their hands with shooting and its only because we couldn't have had the Olympics otherwise that they've been forced, grudgingly, to do something.

However, in a fit of childish pique, they're going to make sure its all pulled down afterwards so Bisley gets no advantage.

I shall write to my MP (for all the good that will do me). :x
As the Olympics is being held in London why bother building a range? Surely the IOC should just name a new event... Drive By Shooting.


Dont worry a lot of others have made the mistake of misreading the cut off date as yeaterday, its on all of the on line petitions, if you re read you will see the 2008 date! I suspect its tyoped up like that to discourage those who wont read fully and just give it the quick well meaning band wagon jump!


the website reads: We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to ensure there is a Lasting Legacy for Shooting Sports in the UK by moving the venue away from the Woolwich Barracks. More details

Submitted by Mrs Nicola Heron – Deadline to sign up by: 18 December 2008 – Signatures: 143

So dont hesitate!
If it's illegal to own pistols, other than police/military users, how are all of those pistol packin' competitors going to get through Heathrow? Will the law need to be changed for the Olympics?


Ancient_Mariner said:
If it's illegal to own pistols, other than police/military users, how are all of those pistol packin' competitors going to get through Heathrow? Will the law need to be changed for the Olympics?
Pretty much!

Edited to add they will in effect be granted section 5 visitors permits but wont have access to their weapons untill theyare about to use them.
Why do we need new shooting facilities in this country in the first place, the teenagers round my estate seem to be spot on so the existing facilities must be first class. They seem equally competant at moving targets and small figure targets.
Petition signed and grumpy e-mail to my MP sent. Hopefully, as he's on the commitee overseeing the Olympics, it might do some good...but then again maybe I wasted my lunch break. :roll:


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Petition done and passed on.

If this amount of money is available for the Woolwich site, why not allocate the same amount of money to upgrade/construct the necessary facilities at Bisley where it will provide a legacy for the future?

It seems strange that the reasons I have heard of against using Bisley include:
too much of a traffic problem on the roads around Bisley;
too far from East London (yet the sailing is to be done on the South coast and there was no problem for the Commonwealth Games);
it would cost too much to invest in Bisley. FFS, with £18 million for Woolwich?

It seems to be a Liarbour/police policy that restricing legal ownership of firearms will reduce the illegal use of firearms. Remember "We have cleared handguns from the streets of Britain"? 1998

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