Olympic opening ceremony WTF

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by alib, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. In The Guardian Olympic opening ceremony will recreate countryside with real animals
    Either this is a wind up or Seb Coe is doing a lot of Charlie.
  2. No five gold rings and a peasant stuck up a tree?
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  3. I hope he's thought to include a mini Footlocker and some looters.
  4. Did I just see the figure of £27m just now?

    £27m for an erstaz 'village fete'. The Hundred Years War cost less than that.
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  5. I think the people in charge of the Olympics have lost it. The thing looks like a Teletubbies set. They have no idea.....they make the shittest logo ever.....they get some immigrant to design and build a tower that looks like it should be in a scrap yard and now this. I don't think they live in the real world. Oh and all the stuff is made in China, so its not bringing a great amount of revenue to the UK.
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  6. Artists impression:

    mzl-clpyveah-320x480-75.jpg bb

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  7. You're not joking.

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  8. CplFoodspoiler

    CplFoodspoiler War Hero Book Reviewer

    As I have said previously on a similar thread; the only thing about the whole Olympic fuckasco that gave me any pleasure was the simultaneous broadcast from Paris when all the frogs heard 'LONDON' and not Paris. The only thing that could possibly have improved on that would have been a slight pause and ... 'Nah, only joking it's PARIS!!!!!'
  9. That is brilliant! All they need now is a model railway chuffing round it.
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  10. Well I don't give a fuck as I have tickets to the womens beach vollyball - true!! Nothing else, put in for shooting and allsorts of stuff, shitting myself incase i got it all and couldn't pay for it and ended up with the best :)
  11. 27million and then the gubment tell us to curb our spending in these hard times.
    You really couldn't make this shit up!
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  12. It's worse than you think: " In all, the ceremonies will cost £81m – a figure that doubled from the original budget" (Grauniad).

    It is bound to fail, imho. It's supposed to be an 'all inclusive' depiction of modern Britain. But it looks more like the equivalent of one of those tartan tins the Jocks put shortbread in.

    It's a fine landscape for patronising yokels, but it's going to look pretty stupid when Boyle introduces the inevitable Slumdog dance tribute to our Asian friends, sending hordes of Bradfordians leaping about all over it.

    Place your bets now.

    Alan Titmarsh will emerge from somewhere on the set at some point 7/2

    Andrew Lloyd Webber will lead a choir of deaf orphans singing a tribute to his latest production 3/1

    Da Beatles will rise up on a stage in the shape of a yellow Astute class submarine (sponsored by BAE Systems) 5/1

    Gary Barlow will emote a new tribute pop-hymn to Gloriana 4/1

    The Massed Pearly Kings of Neasden will lead a tattoo of soap stars singing "We'll meet again" 100/1 (will upset the Germans)
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  13. Suddenly I'm taken with the glory of it, reminds me of perhaps the finest moments of the Bush Presidency.
    At least from his point of view.
  14. The mind boggles.....
    The Pub Landlord (Al Murray) said "Olympics, gonna be a bit shit."
    I genuinely hope that it does work and looks stunning but I have a sinking feeling Al will be right.
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  15. Thank you alib for reminding me why I'm going :)