Olympic opening ceremony . Where will you be?

I for one will be driving on my holidays up to Norway and won't miss seeing it.

I do hope it is not going to be as bad as the "Welcome to the Village"?

What a bag of shite and who designed the UK team kit. A bin man or the same team who designed the WW II leather jerkin ?

As for the prancing bouncy men wearing flying helmets and troos and that bike thingy its like that Female/Horse porn when the birds dress up like poneys or whatever and pull toy carriages. WTF is that about?


Given the time difference I shan't be watching it live. However I have been invited to a recorded screening of the ceremony at the British Consulate in Hong Kong. Hopefully it will be a wonderful spectacle and we can make a point of reminding Johnny Foreigner how unlucky he was not to have been born English.

Oh, apparently they are serving champagne and a 'light lunch' so you can tack that bill on to the 9 billion you have already paid for it :)
The Olympic are on?

Why wasn't I told?
I'll be at sea, somewhere hot and sunny, and working my ass off.
Probably driving back up the M6, having spent the day at Kineton watching a certain ARRSEr do his stuff (and trying to keep my daughters safe) :)
Oylmpics? I've heard of that, is it something to do with beach volleyball, G4S and Snickers?
I shall be mowing the lawns having loosened the baffles in the exhaust of the trusty old Briggs & Stratton! Cop a load of that you fucking couch potatoes.


Considering the time delay I'll either be snoring my head off or stalking backpackers.

Or wanking in front of the mirror.
Mrs R2q and I shall be having a nice meal, drinking a bottle of wine and enjoying one of the many DVDs I have stashed away to tide us over the next few weeks.

We may adjourn to the bedroom early for some post dinner bonking.

I shall be working nights. But no doubt it'll be on in the day room so I will be able to see how shite it is in real time
Driving through the Balkans, with my avenging angel and the cernunnos spawn, to an idyllic beach front house, with a wine cellar, a bar, a big fuck off fridge, pubs, bars, shops restauraunts etc. only a couple of kilometers away and no fucking TV, no satan's wank sock, no tinternet, nope, not even a radio, marvelous!
On the pop with my former workmates from Orange, avoiding it like the plague. Sports afternoon, bah.

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Driving down the M4 to take advantage of the quieter roads ahead of a weekend hiking and wild camping out west.

I can hear the banjos already...
The Voodoo dolls of Seb Coe, Danny Boyle and Nick Buckles are ready, all's to be done is sacrifice the goat, summon Bondye and get the barbie on

It's going to be lovely.

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