Olympic Opening Ceremony Feedback Thread

As it says in the title:

Woohoo, the Red Arrows!

ETA: typical Crabs, the flash gits even laid on a golden sky!
Expecting huge slice of Danny Boyle IRONY... which may fly over the heads of the Austrians!


Didn't want to watch it earlier on today, but drawn as always to see if we really can pull this off.

BZ to the Red Arrows, good to see them back to a nine ship formation.
Can't watch it at the moment but I do hope it reflects the diversity of this great nation that is a melting pot of all cultures...

Don't let me down...I wanna see Sharia Morrismen zapping each other with super-soakers full of reggae-reggae sauce.
Is it me or is the sound from the arena like a Nigerian soap opera!
Who was that nonentity shouting, not singing to my ears, that rock and roll saved us all? Bearded tosser.
Ahhhh, Elgar, thats more like it.

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