Olympic Opening Ceremony - did it make you proud to be British?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SpannerSpanker, Jul 28, 2012.

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  1. Personally i thought the Olympic opening ceremony to be a load of pants, it was like an opening of Lord of the rings with the hobbits in the shire, followed by a load of wank supposed to be depicting the industrial revolution with some cunts waving their hands in top hats whilst big chimneys came up and then some bollocks dancing by a load of cunts with facepaint and other shite dancing to the GB's greatest hits since the 60's!
    Fuck knows why Dizzy Rascal had a big part in singing and who the fuck signed up the artic monkeys? How about the rolling stones or someone else worthwhile instead of them cunts? Best bit was the Neo Nazi doing the hitler salute when germany came on and the fact that the useless bitch commentating didnt say a fucking word when Syria appeared even though she had some random, dogshit information about every other country!
    I think it was a total load of wank topped off with that talentless scouse cunt Mcartney singing at the end to totally make my point that it did not come across as something we had spent 180 million pounds on! And i fucking bet Brazil have a much better opening ceremony than the farcical load of dog wank that was on today! Thats just my opinion and i have no doubt there will be some cock cheese sniffing cunts who will disagree, if thats the case, its your opinion and it would be interesting to see the positive thoughts on the shitefest i have just witnessed if there are any!!

    Edited to say i also think Seb Coe is a cunt of the ultimate magnitude and i would love to wrap a baseball bat round his fucking smug nose the cunt!
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  2. ...and sleep.
  3. fence sitting again? you liked it really
  4. erm it started at 21:00
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  5. The opening ceremony blended beautifully with the London 2012 logo - both fucking awful.
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  6. so much negativity, it can only get better....can't it?
  7. A decent start would have been to torch McCartney in a wicker man, this at least would have given a glimmer of hope.
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  8. Only insofar as death is certain, yes.
  9. I think it was well thought out. Well produced, and well executed.

    If you cunts couldn't "get" what it was trying to portray (even with the shit comentary) then you should all kill yourselves.
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  10. Your easily pleased Prince Albert.

    That ceremony was like the bastard child of an incestuous shag in between the "Railway Children", "Oliver Twist" and "The Sound of Music".

    I got what it was about, but it was all flim flam, smoke and mirrors, flashy lights and thunderflashes.

    £27 million and not one (not even a scabby one) Blackpool donkey with its ears through its hat...
  11. So you didn't get it then.
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  12. Hahahaha, I did get it and I grudgingly enjoyed most of it.

    I still think though that in this climate it's a horrendous waste of money.
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  13. I think she's still in Georgia.
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  14. I'm still amazed that the Canadian flagbearer was a white male, and not the black lesbian francophone muslim single mother that I was expecting.
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  15. You know someone else who is visiting Georgia? That's nice.

    We watched it over here on NBC Sports Channel after giving up trying to get BBC IPlayer and apart from the crap dancing and music - I mean - come on- Arctic Monkeys? Paul McCartney? and the silly text messaging thing, it wasn't too bad.

    Highlights were "Hello Mr Bond" and Rowan Atkinson. JJH especially liked the National Anthem sung by Chaos. The lighting of the flame was fantastic, as were the fireworks.

    So hell yeah*, I'm proud to be British.

    (I've been here too long now haven't I?)
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