Olympic judo, scoring.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ashford_old_school, Jul 31, 2012.

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  1. So they've done away with Kokas this year; what's the opinion of ARRSERs then?

    I think it must be very hard on the players as most of the matches are now 8 mins long! As the day goes on It must really take it out of them.
  2. Too many golden scores and still not enough ne waza.
  3. I'd have an opinion if I knew what a koka and a mon was.:blush:
  4. Koka used to be the lowest score; mons was a spelling error:)
  5. Yes both refs and players seem reluctant to go to ground. Then again, With the effort required on the ground and the matches going in so long I can see why!
  6. For the casual viewer, groundwork doesn't hold enough interest. It's not 'dynamic' enough. The problem is though, however good the players are, it's all grip fighting and very little in the way of attempted throws. Because they are able to neutralise each other's technique and attacks it just looks like 6 year old white belts fighting.
  7. Can you get disqualified for shirt pulling?
  8. the GB guy today lasted under 3 mins against a Canadian, said he fell but he was on the floor already
  9. Spent Monday afternoon at the Olympic Judo - very impressive. Enjoyed watching it hugely, three and a half hours just flew past. I felt for that French bronze medallist, I thought she was going to take the eventual Gold medallist.

    I see what you mean about the ne waza; but there was some blindingly good ground work in the final, and the semifinal between Elmont and Nakaya had a chunk of it too (Elmont had to make a couple of huge efforts to break holds, he must have been knackered by it because he got taken down in the bronze medal match).

    The kids were disappointed because they didn't get to see their clubmate competing in the women's -57kg. Then they heard about Euan Burton today, glum. Otherwise, they enjoyed it hugely, I was having a fun prediction competition with firstborn ("I reckon blue will take this, what do you think?")
  10. So jealous! Todays medal fights were excellent too!
  11. Well, decided to watch a bit of blokes Judo on't telly this morning.

    I am dissapoint, lots of slow motion wrestling and hugging, very little aggression. To be honest, I've seen two kids haveing a pulling and dragging playground fight show more dynamism.
  12. It's a strange sport - seems determined to emasculate itself and take all of the martial stuff out of it. Hence they removed the striking and increased the length of time someone must be held on the floor, and that's why you're allowed to just curl into a ball if you find yourself on the floor.
  13. I have to echo adouglasmhor above, too little ne-waza now they have tried to make it "dynamic". The leg grab
    Rule has ruined it as well(reportedly to bring Japanese judo back to the fore???).
    The womens game is far better, men's seems a little to tactical, with very few getting thrown for 10.
    Better off watching club judo rather than the men's.
  14. The heavier categories are slower and more technical; you try weighing just under 100kg and trying to control someone of the same weight( within the rules of judo!).