Olympic Hopefuls

just caught a bit on the wire service and not sure if it isn't a hoax, but, I'll support it, if it isn't.. hell, I'll even put my name down as a judge..

seems a group claiming to be an association of pole dancers wants to petition to have their 'sport' included in the Olympics..

they claim it is as valid as ice dancing/figure skating as it takes athleticism to do some of the more elaborate manoeuvers and , of course, there is an 'artistic' side to the presentation that could be assessed much the same as the skating.. They wear[ briefly] fancy costumes as well and perform to music..

frankly, I can't see any difference to their 'presentations' as the skaters.. except, of course, for the 'adult' rating some of the moves might engender...

Anyone up to sending a letter of support to Mr. Rogge and the IOC to move this along?

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