Olympic Heli Snipers


Mark The Convict

'in case terrorists attempt an atrocity at the prestigious event.'

What, like allowing Susan Boyle to sing the National Anthem?
Thank God the terrorists are too dumb to figure out that while London will be the most heavily guarded city on the earth for the duration of the Games, it will be open season on the rest of the UK. Since every copper who is firearms or public order trained will be on duty in London.:roll:
you mean they CAN'T shoot the dick off a cockroach from 1km away whilst drinking tea and watching Die Hard on helmet cam.........gutted!
Interesting to see that TOW will be providing backup from the Lynx if the sniper with his .50(?) rifle fails to hit the target at night 1,000yds away from a helicopter.

Also loving the Harpoon SAM - I suppose at least if it does somehow hit, it'll make a fine ******* mess of any aircraft...
Air Farce cant hit water if they fell out of a ******* boat, then again, navy aint got any....so, they cant hit water if they fell in the bath...
'Heli Snipers' -- God, that'll give the Walts a hard-on, [probably the first in years], and it'll be on their long and outstanding CV's within a week of the Olympics.

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