Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by fltpilot, Jun 9, 2012.

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  1. OK so i thought great their are some tickets still on sale for both Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.
    And of course some tickets are avaliable, but it seems only the most expensive are for sale now.
    I get the feeling that some events will need rent-a-crowd to make them look like people are watching them.
    But £65 for a ticket to watch archery at Lords for 90mins is a bit steep!!!

    Has anyone got tickets for the games & how much did you pay?
  2. Maybe the powers that be will realise that it is better to have seats filled and sell the remainder at reasonable rates. However I fear that they will rely on tourist latecomers to buy these at the inflated prices. BTW didn't get any.
  3. Daily Mail reports some tickets going for £2000!

    No mention of what hte tickets are for (could be women's beach volleyball) or duration... why is it only 90mins on the archery? Is that the length of time of a shoot? I thought (mistakenly mabye) that a ticket was for all day!
  4. Nope, all tickets are for morning or afternoon sessions, apart from football which is as long as the match lasts.
  5. I won tickets to the Paralympic football on tickets for troops, unfortunately I'm in Greece at the time so couldn't use them :(
  6. 2000 for womans beach volleyball seems reasonable, gymnastics would be also ok as long as I get to sniff the mats, horses, etc.
  7. @OP - Good prediction

    BBC News - Q&A on why seats at Olympic venues are empty

    "Locog will draft in other people who hold accreditation on the park to fill empty seats. So far that has been the troops who are not on shift handling security."

    What will the Lottery numbers be on the next draw?
  8. I live in SA we have 6 channels doing Olympic stuff 24/7, tickets not required!

    What I do find odd is that the crowd is muted and all we hear are commentators spoutng shite, loses much of the atmosphere, most noticable in the 4X100 Freestyle last night.
  9. I was at the Archery today and there were blocks of seats vacant all over, also the yanks had a sense of humour failure when their lass got knocked out by the Italian and left en-masse so loads of vacant seats left there as well. I can't fault the organisation at Lords, got in easy enough, Sappers on the gate there. My metal work managed to set off the metal detectors, but they were OK with it, the volunteers were friendly and helpful. Overall well done and I enjoyed it immensely.
  10. Was the crowd muted or were there just not that many people watching it?

    I caught a bit of the swimming this morning and it was very quiet but I don't think it had been intentionally muted.
  11. Good point, the only crowd they showed was the winning team cheerleaders, all very odd!
  12. £5 for kids tickets to the paralympic swimming events
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    If I was minted I wouldn't go out of spite! I'd stay in the UK till the airline prices dropped and then leave! Its all a ******* rip off!

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  14. Tried to get tickets way back in the day,to watch the Fencing at Excel,got fucked off in all of the draws.

    Now watching it on BBC,best seat in the house (my house),great competition,and I get see all the finals,with slow-mo replays,so I consider myself rather fortunate,I didn't shell out shit loads of dosh,on tickets! ;-)