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Olympic fail......



I think you may have been the victim of a good old-fashioned classic wah. Not seen one of those for a while.
Well, having met Dingerr, he may genuinely not have got it ;)

Also, not technically a "wah" either.


Book Reviewer
Oh, well in that case.......the majority of arrse haven't got a clue what a wah is (which has been proven on countless occasions)
The answer DELTIC? Yeah?

On a diesel - electric, the diesel engine makes the wheels turn round and the electric bit makes the lights work and the bog flush. And makes the toasty machine in the bar work.

Bridge. For. Sale.

Pick your colour.


Also, not technically a "wah" either.
I beg to differ old son, having been a victim of them numerous times as a sprog, that is as good a wah as any.

'Hey Forastero, what're you up to?' (As I run past in full running kit past a bunch of muckers in front of RHQ).
'Just out for a run boys.'


Actually, my bad. I didn't actually realise that Maureen was a name on the list.

I assumed it was being said like the barman from Hale and Pace.


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