Olympic dirty bomb fears

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldAdam, May 21, 2008.

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  1. I wish a 'dirty bomb' would put paid to the pointless 2012 Olympics here in London. I wouldn't have to pay for them then!

    1948 Olympics were worth every penny (old and proper peny) and not many were spent, but the coming 'fiasco' is going to be beyond belief.

    Yes, I can remember the 1948 Games!
  2. A non-story; terrorists have been trying to obtain/build a Dirty Bomb for years. Yes, the Olympic Games would be a juicey target. So would London, Rome or Washington at ANY time of the year.

    The terrorists want Dirty Bombs and WMD's. I want to sh@g Gemma Aitkinson. We all have to live with disappointment. :wink:
  3. To be fair, there are some parts of east London that a dirty bomb would actually improve. But, like you say, would anyone notice if one went off?!
  4. If the terrorist use a dirty bomb on us... we should retaliate by using a soap and water bomb at Mecca... That'll scare em!
  5. You're far too nice, old boy; just air-drop several thousands live pigs on Mecca!

    It would give a whole new meaning to "saturation bombardment"! :twisted:
  6. Why don't the gubment offer to build a dirty bomb for the terrorists.
    That way we can be sure it won't be built in time for the Olympics and will probably bankrupt AQ for good.
  7. Not like the media to over hype and attempt to cause dismay and panic with a "whatif" story.

    I mean there is a non zero chance of an earthquake hitting the region (again?) during the olympics so lets have a nice big story on that as well.

    I really like this bit.

    This "watchdog" must have a chuffing big crystal ball, I mean he can tell us exactly what the world terrorist/political situation will be in 4 years time.

    Load of c0ck the whole story.

  8. Yes, but what this story does do is instill the fear into the Scum reading British public, who will demand that security is tightened, thus allowing this Big Brother gubment to push through even more draconian laws, including ID cards, more CCTV, police spot checks etc. etc.
    Watch this space over the next 3 1/2 years.