Olympic Colemanballs

Sadly, David Coleman is no longer with us. His spirit, however, lives on. Some of the comments made by the BBC commentators (and it has to be the BBC as they are the only ones covering it) are absolute classics. From the completely unintelligible, through the astound arrogance and on to the downright ridiculous. Many errors in history, mispronouncing names of competitors, getting their geography wrong and showing a complete lack of knowledge regarding the minor sports (as witness the argument over the men's gymnastics scoring last night).

An example was the breathless commentary as the ladies' road race came to a rather exciting finish "
absolutely encrusted with enthralling action”.

But, to show it's not always the commentators, a line by one of the rowers (sorry, didn't get her name):
"A once in a lifetime chance doesn't come very often".

I'm sure some of you have heard loads so far. However, none of them have yet come close to my favourite from the 2000 Olympics by a commentator on the ladies snatch and jerk weightlifting:

"This is Gregoriava from Bulgaria. I saw her snatch this morning during her warm up and it was amazing."
"All the alignments have to be aligned".
Does it count if it's on the BBC website? Zoe Smith had a great day yesterday, but the BBC have reported it thus:

"Competing in Group A, she lifted a combined total of 246kg, setting a separate Olympic record of 108kg in the snatch and equalling the previous best in an Olympics with 138kg in the clean and jerk."

From here: BBC Sport - Olympics weightlifting: Zoe Smith hits back at Twitter critics
Personally I want to take the event Yank commentator on the Archery at Lords (why he had to be yank I will never know) and pull his sphincter back through his mouth just so he will shut up. I think everyone realised after the 4th match that 2+2+2=6 and sometimes to say nothing is the best of all especially when archers are actually shooting.
I can't stand it when some of these bloody commentators seem to relish kicking people when they're down. For example some twat saying this about one of the ladies road race cycling team:

She, unlike Mark Cavendish, is well used to winning Olympic medals.
It's a bloody shame Mark Cavendish wasn't there to hear that. But yes BBC, lets keep mentioning how well we aren't doing (at the moment) and see if we can bring even more misery on everyone listening. They really should engage brain before opening their gobs.

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