Olympic Bronze for our Eventing Team!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by .Dolly, Aug 12, 2008.

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  1. The tins of doggy-dinner on legs and their riders have made a tremendous come-back to bag bronze in Team Eventing in Hong Kong. :D :clap:

    Gold and silver went to the krauts and the aussies but good effort on the bronze, especially as we started the event with very ropey dressage scores. Tonight will see the conclusion to the Individual Eventing, with several of our riders currently sitting in promising positions.

    Not bad for half-tonne, temperamental bags of explosive energy having been flown around the world to compete in a sauna.
  2. I didn't know that Aldershot's finest ladies were out there!
  3. Horses - whenever you want them to do a proper job they won't. You can spend years training them, but when you turn up at a show they will ruin your day. It's as if they know it - you can't square them up because you have a massive audience.

    They can't keep still for five minutes when in hand and when you are on board act like a three half year old. When you try to leave they will not box. Next day they are fine.

    Equine bliss or wot !
  4. :lol: tell me about it!

    Yet we continue to go back for more. Nags have exceptionally more nous than they're ever given credit for, used to perfection in pursuit of their own amusement. And when they're through doing that whilst draining resources faster than a sugar-daddy's tart they go and break your heart.

    Doesn't detract from the superb Olympic result though. Carrots all-round tonight (well, after the Individual SJ phase!).
  5. There is something quite worryingly sexual about that statement.
  6. Considering one of them is William Fox-Pitt in skin-tight jodhpurs then for you I guess may be worrying, or secretly pleasing!
  7. He may dress as a man, but we know !
  8. I still laugh at the remark that was made at the 2004 Olympics:

    That the British win medals in the events where the competitor is SITTING DOWN ........ cycling, equestrian, rowing, canoeing, etc. ...... :lol:
  9. Only a horse can swish it's tail after a proper job.

    Wot say you .Dolly ?
  10. The drama ended when I invested in a Chifney - the perfect travelling tool.
  11. Ah, my lad freaked in fury with a chifney. I found, to my surprise, that the big boy loaded like a lamb in a Monty Robert's 'Be Nice' headcollar. (naffest name going :roll: ). Wouldn't have predicted that, but then 'horses' and 'predictable' never appear in the same sentence.


    Tina Cook scooped the bronze in the Individual Eventing! Nice one, lady :D :clap:
  12. Will please the donkey wallopers......oops I mean Cavalry regiments!
  13. We refer to him as Monty Boxxocks. We call our place the 'Grammar School' for horses.

    They come in green and rough. Within an hour or so they are sorted.
  14. Lousy boxheads :D
  15. When they win, how come the horse doesn't get to stand on the podium?? :D
    After all, it's the gee gee that does all the work........
    Personally, I'd rather see the horse up there with a medal round its neck, & the toothy hoorah henry rider shoved into the background with just a rosette stuck on their forehead. :twisted: :D