Olympic boycott has no purpose

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by krrc, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. Olympic boycott has 'no purpose'

  2. It's about all the Olympics are good for. Every four years we can hold a country to ransom with the threat that we'll turn their olympics into a local derby.

    Hopefully we can hold China to account over a few choice issues.

    ...and hopefully the same will happen to us - so we get some tip-top facilities without putting up with hours of the stuff on TV and hordes of olympi-grockles.
  3. I think by "No purpose" they mean "would jeopardise too much money, 'coz we've just realilsed how much of us the buggers own". If it was good enough for the Soviet Union, it's damned sure good enough for PRC.

    It won't do more than trivial good, but it's one way of demonstrating how we feel. Face is pretty important to them, it's just that oil is far more so.
  4. Johann Hari The Independant

    "Alone, Steven Spielberg is nothing like enough, says Johann Hari. Luckily, for the Chinese coming-out party to go well, they need the guests to stick to the dress-code and the strict etiquette they lay down. All moral people should refuse to play along. We will succeed in stopping the genocide when the Chinese dictatorship is more frightened of having its $50bn party ruined than of losing 400,000 barrels of Sudanese oil a day. The best people to help us achieve this are our athletes. They have a responsibility to other men and women who are being raped and butchered, just for being black. If we learned anything from the 20th century, it is that "I was told to say nothing" is the weakest excuse of all. So let them pledge to unfurl Darfuri flags from their podiums if they win."

  5. Fcuk Darfur. Lets just enjoy watching the womens synchronised swimming event ... on Sky Plus ... over and over again ... pausing all the best bits.
  6. I agree that the PRC government's actions are a total disgrace, not just in Darfur but also in China. Nevertheless, we shouldn't allow politics to interfere with sport. What next, football club levies to ther Labour Party. We need to encourage British youth to get involved in sport, but if we start boycotting major events then they will think twice about working hard to reach the required standards.
  7. That horse has already bolted, I'm afraid. And if the Olympics can be put to some good use as a bit of political leverage then I'm all for it. However, so as ye reap.... :oops:
  8. Here's a pic you'll enjoy then - the English football team before a friendly against the Germans in 1938 played at the Berlin Olympic stadium.

    Hitler had annexed Austria a few weeks beforehand and was planning the Final Solution but why should trivialities like that get in the way of sport eh?


    Shameful picture of England squad giving Nazi salute still haunts British sport.
  9. So do you think the olympics squad will be required to Kowtow?