Olympic bid visit cost £680,000


Olympic bid visit 'cost £680,000'

The 13-stong inspection team was entertained by the Queen
The bill for the International Olympic Committee's London visit was £680,000, the culture secretary has said.
Some £530,000 of this was spent on presentations, hiring venue space and technical support, Tessa Jowell said.

A further £150,000 was spent on preparations for the visit, she adds in a Commons written answer to Labour former sports minister Kate Hoey.

The inspection team spent four days in London assessing the capital's bid for the 2012 Games.
A pint and a prostitute cost half a Million squids? 8O


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Paris for sure :D

Better food, good wine, I can get the train home, AND the Frogs get to pay for it - a win-win situation :D

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