Olympic Bid by the French Trade Unions

As one who dreads the thought of these infernal 'games' coming to UK, the actions of the Cheese-eating-surrender-monkeys' Trades Unions this morning are alarming, as it may make London seem a better option than Paris - however some eloquent Frog geezer on the radio this morning spun their general strike as an outstanding display of modern democracy which should appeal to the committee!!
Dover to Calais ferries are cancelled again today , i'm fed up with the cowardly capitulators upsetting commerce in this country because they're having a hissy fit at the only country in europe they haven't been invaded by yet ..... themselves.

so may i suggest a bit of blockade bashing ... who's for it ??

i say we commandeer a RORO ferry , pack it full of like minded souls , drain it of stella on the way there , and see if they're still up for the cup upon our arrival , i reckon we could be in paris by teatime

to make it interesting i propose we dress up as pirates , bring your own cutlasses ..... peg legs are not really encouraged , although the disabled facilities on the ferries these days are much better than they were.

any takers ???
sorry mate , parrot is gone , but i've got a couple of eyepatches , and a hook that i nicked from belmarsh prisoners property if thats any good to you ???
Take a lorry load of English lamb with you in case you get hungry - the pickets will BBQ it for you on the dock side - better than that nancy French crap.

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