Olly Reed on top form circa 1991

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Blackcat, Mar 25, 2007.

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  1. Oliver Reed brighting up an otherwise boring evening

    Classic quotes ''someone who knows no ill comes to a palais de dance dances around the place clicks his heels in the air cos he is celt why should he go down and hug and forgive himself forbeing a better dancer'

    around 12mins olly pointing to bottle 'whats that?' keith simpson 'water' makes grimacing face 'eh? no' tips entire contents of spirit bottle into glass.

    29mins olly slides over back of chair and gives up tight lezzer a kiss
    IIRC after this he proceeded to bang around the drinks table and went off air for 10 mins 'due to unforseen technical problems'

    Oliver Reed has been banned from every pub in town (Dorking), most notably the Bull's Head where he climbed the chimney naked shouting "Ho! Ho! Ho! I'm Santa Claus!".

    The Knowhere Guide: Local Heroes in Dorking (excerpt)
    URL: http://www.knowhere.co.uk/3173_heroes.html


  2. top fella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!why chat shows had him on fcuk knows but i,m glad they did!!!!! :numberone:
  3. Olly was the (un)official mascot of HMS Leeds Castle. When asked in his life story "Reed All About Me" if he would ever give up drinking, he replied "I'd rather die!"

    Games ensued (which spread to civvy and squaddy alike). As you stand at the bar, happily drinking your LA lager tops someone would holler "OLIVER REED" At which point you had to drain your glass in one - pints, shots, whatever. Glasses were then slammed down as hard as possible. This was all designed as a 'training exercise' - just in case Olly had walked in and was gonna nick your sticky

    Great fun in Wimbledon (one of Olly's old haunts) - not so much fun under the withering glare of new in-laws after the grooms speach
  4. I'm not sure which chat show he was on but be came out with the classic line 'Bring on the bull dyke'
  5. Funny thing is he could actually be quite articulate and sensitive as well as a complete pisshead :)

    From http://www.syby.demon.co.uk/OR/Trivia/index.html
  6. Imagine going on a weekend bender with Oliver Reed and George Best!
  7. They're probably arguing right now upstairs on who's round it is... :thumright:

    God Bless both of them...You simply don't get "Hellraisers" like that anymore.

  8. When Besty pegged it, we decided that Olly and Richard Burton were at the bar waiting for Besty to get a round in
  9. I went to Malta last year and was lurking around Valetta and came across a bar with a plaque on the wall saying that Olly Reed died in there! Apparently it was his watering hole when he was filming Gladiator.
  10. That's absolutely true. He hadn't finished shooting all of his scenes either. They managed to cobble together enough of what he had shot to make his appearances coherent but if you watch the film again anytime you'll notice he isn't in it much after the halfway point.
  11. IIRC it was HMS Cumberland?! He was drinking like 10 men and 'fell asleep'.
    He died as he lived, pissed in a bar full of nobodies!

    what a hero!
  12. Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, what do you expect from an RAMC Corporal??

    He was a great bloke!
  13. In my recollection he was drinking merrily and it might have been with the crew of HMS Cumberland but then he suffered a massive coronary and dropped like a stone.

    I'll go get a link if I can.
  14. Slightly off thread but whilst watching "Wild Geese" recently, got to wondering what sort of off set pissups occured with Richard Burton, Richard Harris and Frank Finlay (let alone other members of the cast).