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A Sweet Boy

I want to tell you of a sweet boy.
One of the sweetest my heart has known.
The things we could learn from him are so unknown.
His eyes are so big and wide and brown.
His lashes almost touch his brow.
He makes me go when I don't want to and I clearly don't know how.

He makes me see things differently,
In ways I have never known,
Things sometimes that I am envy of,
That I wish I could have shown.
His heart is minus judgement,
His face is full of giggles.
His perfect comprehension makes his love like magic.

The sweetest thing I know is the love from my son.
When the day has passed, and the day is done..
We have our wind down time and fatasize of dreams,
Talk of toys and government and everything between.
I ask for a goodnight hug and kiss,
'one more minute mom' he says,
And that is one minute I simply cannnot miss.

After turning his pillow to the cold side,
switching out his covers,
I say goodnight...
close the door...
and thank God I am his mother.
Ignore him, he's wearing his Cock hat today, the hat cock.
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