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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Nov 18, 2005.

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  1. In other words, "Please don't admit to us that we came out here to fight a losing cause."

    I've heard quite a few American military types that say they don't really care why they're there in the first place (read: so the pre-war intelligence was flawed, so what?) but I bet we're going to see how far that acceptance really goes.
  2. No, he's expressing the view of a shrinking minority in USland. If you want to see what the feelings in USland are, look at the Shaved Chimp's poll numbers.

    Ollie (who should be saying nothing more in public than "Thank fcuk I didn't go to prison for conducting covert actions in express contravention of US law") is part of the Right wing spin-machine that is trying to rally support once more by questioning the patriotism of anyone who questions the administration's policy. I think he's being quite disingenuous to link dissatisfaction with the war in Iraq to Afghanistan.

    Let's review Cheney's speech on Wednesday, which covered the same topic, shall we?

    So it's one thing for soldiers to be literally attacked with bombs and bullets, but what really upsets them is to see DICK and the Shaved Chimp figuratively attacked with words. :roll:

    Ahem, speaking of which, let's see who's made some of the most damaging, untrue statement about the war:


    You want to improve the morale of the troops, Dick? I have four words that'll help immeasurably- "Boys, you're coming home."
  3. Ollie By Golly North...a legend in his own mind. A man who also didnt seem to notice that Richard Secord was robbing the USG and the Contras blind delivering rusty old rifles when they delivered them at all, but who mysteriously found the dosh to buy horsies and new cars. No libel of mine- Maj. Gen. Jack Singlaub's, and one that has stood in print without open rebuttal for more than a decade.
  4. Last saw Ollie and R Secord at(what was left of) the US Embassy in Kuwait day after end of GW1.They were friendly and helpfull.What more can I say?
  5. Is it not that when you employ men to do a dirty job, it sometimes happens that some of the tar sticks? And, who says that Contras had to have the very best of killing weapons?
  6. Well, the US Congress told them that they weren't to have any so I suppose they should've just counted themselves lucky. I did like the part of the story when North and his Iranian middle-man tried to put a 370% mark-up on the kit they were trying to sell to the Iranians. That takes some huge balls.
  7. Whilst Ollie doubtless has all that is needed in Semper Fi! and 'Press On, march to the sound of the guns' sort of qualitities, I get the impression he is not the full shilling. In those circumstances, his Iranian mate marking up 370% was quite reasonable.
    If ON is a devious sort of guy, that is almost the exact qualification for the sort of mind that is needed right now. It would take courage for the military to advise that this is a battle that is not capable of being won by military means but that is what it will take. NI is no comparision but it worked there. The crooks need to get involved. Politicians and diplomats. The tricky Dickies. Wheeling and dealing - not for their own benefit or aggrandisment but to come to some sort of climb down on both sides with honour apparently maintained.
  8. I have no recollection of that order Sir
  9. The Iranians didn't think so. They told him to Foxtrot Oscar on that occasion.

    Do a Google search on Boland Amendment- that covers the arms to the Contras bit. Check the Intelligence Authorization Act too while your at it. These are the only thing that stopped the USIC returning to the days of freelancing and the "Wile E. Coyote School" of covert operations (e.g. The ops against Castro.) and Ollie and Pointdexter (snigger) decided it was an inconvenience they could do without.

    Now, re. the hostages. The deal eventually collapsed because Hizbullah were releasing one set of hostages and then going out and snatching more. Conclusion: the plan was a cluster fcuk.
  10. Seems someone has a talent for training and finding guys with strange talents and then misusing them. Perhaps we need to invite men who can hold their hands over candles to return. "The trick is not to mind the pain"