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Olivers Army - It will make you laugh.

CDT_Dodger said:
Came across this website after googling for "dance of the flaming *********". Yes, I got a few hits but this is a good find even though it is slightly biased.

Slightly biased?

In April 1977 the official Army magazine, Soldier, showed on its front cover a picture of a paratrooper in full combat kit being kissed by a bikini-clad model. The Dublin review Hibernia, that same month, carried a report about a soldier from the Queen’s Regiment who was charged with assaulting a Derry youth :

The DPP (NI) dropped the charge when he heard the squaddie would, when he finished his tour of duty, be starting a five year jail stretch, courtesy of the Old Bailey, for raping and assaulting a fifteen-year-old girl in England.
If that is true, I'll post my scrotum to PIRA GHQ.

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