Olive Drab Name tapes

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Cider_Glider, Dec 5, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone know of a site that produce name tapes for use on 95's etc?? Cheap and cheerful will do me fine!!!

    I await your replies!!

  2. Still got some in the loft. You can have them for free if your name matches mine CG.
  3. yeah...errm....thanks but unless your name is Julio GiLQuez i think ill be out of luck!!!

    Cheers anyway bud!

  4. I think name tapes are a bad idea. What if you are up to no good?
  5. Its a joke present for a mate! i wouldnt be seen wearing such an adornment!!! It would clash with my bling and addidas stripes!!!
  6. Same detail with the current craze for DZ stylee adornments. If I wanted to sew fcuking badges on, i'd have joined the friggin' scouts..........
  7. That is why they are only for shirts. Whack a smock over the top with only a UJ on the sleeve and maybe a TRF if everyone else has one and tadah! Instant anonymity. :D
  8. but then the man with a big stick can say ' OOOII YOU, YES YOU!!! THE ONE WITH NO NAME!!!!!!!' 8O
  9. Save yourself all that hussif-hassle, mug a maccy-dees flipper for his badge, and invest in one of those Dymo label printers, sorted.

    Oh yes, make sure you get a "five star" badge, as you woudnt want to look like a loser would you? :wink:
  10. What a coincidence - give me an address and I will get them straight to you. :D
  11. I resent that sandmanfez.........

    I'll have you know we train very hard for those stars......It's not like army promotion.....you actually have to earn them.

    Besides........were you a green badge or a yellow badge?? ;)
  12. How far can we push this pointless thread???? Go on...i have nothing better to do!!!!!! MORE YET!!!!
  13. Promotion on merit!!! 8O that sounds dangerously progressive, and probably Marxist to me Micky, thank God the idea was never adopted by the Army. :wink:
  14. Recently asked by someone if I could order her a set. Said certainly, how do you spell whinger? :)