Oldnbold trying to find a cap-badge and a shield.


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There's an old'n'bold who's asked me if I can find a cap badge for the old Rifle Brigades, but without the bar at the back, just the pins, because the version with the bar keeps falling off his beret.

Anyone know where I could get one for him?

He's also after a small metal shield that was given to people who served in Germany during WW2. It's not an award or medal, but appears to be a commemorative shield of some sort that you wear on your lapel. It's got a red background with a blue band down the middle.

Any ideas?


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I might have a cap badge, somewhere, but failing that, I can probably get one next time I go to Felixstowe. Not sure about the shield though, might be worth trying Kenny Gray at the Regimental museum.


old_fat_and_hairy said:

Will help

edited to add;http://www.riflesdirect.com/rb-cap-badge-469-p.asp
Or not as it seems,
Rifles direct
RB Cap Badge

Cap badge of the Rifle Brigade, a former regiment of The Rifles. Price includes P&P and VAT.

Please be aware that this item is becoming increasingly scarce and hard to obtain from suppliers/manufacturers without a very costly premium being paid. Reliant on what is now obtainable, we cannot guarantee availabilty, quality, or type of fixing.
Pot luck seems to be the thing!


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Thanks chaps - I'll keep digging - and perhaps put a back-order on one of these at that location - I can always get my tame metal worker to fix the fixings so to speak.


Might be better getting a restrike from Ebay!
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