Oldham couple charged under Terrorism Act

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pp0470, Aug 5, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - Terror charge court appearance for Oldham couple

    That on top of 17 arrests for child explotation and the Greater Manchester 'Pakistani' community could be said to have been 'targeted' by police.

    About ****ing time!

    (Just the smack importers/dealers to target next)
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  2. Too right!

    Have you ever been to Oldham?

    Its a hell hole! A real Gangsters Paradise, especially down Glodwick and Werneth, I think the country, imported the trash of others,and dumped them in Oldham.

    Never venture down Glodwick! trust me!
  3. Bet you they don't get deported though.
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  4. Where were they born?
  5. If they were born in the UK, they could be charged for treason, or your usual terrorism charge.
  6. Credit where credit is due though - hats off to the police and security services.
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  7. I honestly couldn't care less.

    If Mohammed and Shasta happen to have been born here they can be deported to their parents or grandparents country of origin.
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  8. Socially deprived, run down area, low pay, low cast, etc, etc of the UK .... like normal.
  9. Perhaps,but the vocal minority do care.
  10. Deport them too - I hear Australia's a nice place.
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  11. Then the vocal minority can get on the same plane as Mohammed and Shasta.
    Nothing British about this pair and they have no place here, they can go and fight for their cause elewhere.
  12. In what possible way does that work? What if their parents and grandparents were also all born in the UK?
  13. Unless they were born in Britain, in which case they're as British as you and I.
  14. With one major difference, I certainly don't despise this country and I wouldn't consider for a second plotting terrorist acts.
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  15. Which has absolutely nothing to do with their nationality, it just makes them criminal/terrorist twats.