Oldham By-election

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Joker62, Jan 14, 2011.

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  1. Placed in here so some can vent their spleen. It seems as though the good people of Oldham and Saddleworth have returned Labour to the fold after the last incumbent was kicked out for unscrupulous electioneering. Having watched the news this morning, it seems as though they backed the Labour candidate in response to the present Govt's stance on cuts. So 13 years of getting screwed by Labour, one Labour MP booted for cheating and as soon as they get chance, they vote another Labour MP in, because they don't like what the present Govt is doing to clear up the mess, is this the state of things to come in future by-elections??
  2. Was the result ever in doubt?
  3. Lambs led, entirely willingly, to the slaughter. Encouraged by the "cuts, cuts, the world is going to end, your children will be raped, bile will spew from the mouths of union barons" rhetoric from the press (the last being entirely accurate), especially the BBC. How much is government spending going to fall this year compared to last? Oh, not at all? A rise in overall spending despite a fall in debt repayments? Nah, can't be true.
  4. Labour held a safe Labour seat,north of Watford,thats news for you,eh?

    I would have been surprised if the result had been anything else,the word cretins springs to mind,but that would be insulting to myself,and all the other cretins!;-)
  5. Did you see the cretins standing? A fat paki, A fat waste of space and an Ugly old bat. The bus pass Elvis party got my vote.
  6. It reminds me of the monkey in Hartlepool. They will vote for anything with a red rosette - can't be having those baby eating Tories getting the nod.
  7. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Ahh Thick as black puddin oop there!
  8. People from Oldham never were the brightest bunch.

    I know a few people up north who would vote for anyone as long as they wear a red rosette. Not because of any political things but merely because that's how their parents and grandparents voted so that's how they're going to vote. Some people still believe that Labour are the party that represents the common working man and has his best interests at heart.
  9. Precisely.

    Did anyone else see the elected MP, Debbie Abrahams reading out her acceptance speech? Obviously written for her by central command and read out with all the panache of an embarrassed 6th former introducing school speech day.

    If you can't thank your election workers and say something profound about the Tories without referring to notes, you shouldn't have stood in the first place, imho.
  10. Watching millipede twittering on on SKY news at the mo.

    Talk about the rambling delusions of a mad man!
  11. A brand new Labout MP. Maybe a bit of honestly from her to acknowledge the 13 years of Labour fiscal, political and social gerrymandering. But that's probably like trying to fart in a gale and be heard. She will be 'sat on' by the Labour Party Godfathers/Mothers (Hattie Harpersonage) in the PLP to think 'korrect collective thoughts' as per the Rest of Them....
  12. Do you all think it was a co-incedence that the Labour led Manchester City Council chose the morning of the by-election to announce 2000 job cuts? Helped voters in Oldham focus their minds a little perhaps?

    Besides that, Cameron deserves a bit fo a kicking.
  14. So the anti-coalition local by election backlash begins,

    Nobody likes the reality of cuts, job losses and doom & gloom So labour of course are milking the result for what it's worth,

    Besides the Tories will be blamed for everything irrespective that it's a coalition,

    If Oldham are niave enough to carry on ignoring the facts which party screw'd the country to put us in the state were in then more fools them..
  15. Watched the lunchtime news,female pensioner was asked who she voted for,came out with " I've always voted Labour,after all they are the party of the working class",followed in another news item by,Ed Milliband in Hove saying"I,m not here to gloat about the Oldham by-election,I'm here to get the South East back onside with the Labour Party",just then the shadow of a porker moved across the ground. :)